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10 Best Hacking Apps for Android 2020

The market is flooded with hacking apps for Android. Many of them claim to be the next best thing since sliced bread. Don’t believe everything you read, though. Not every “best hacking app for Android ever made” is actually legitimate. android hacking app

Some Android hacking apps are scams trying to take you for a ride. Others work as advertised but steal your confidential data while doing your bidding. It’s best if you are careful and only download an app that’s been vetted by users over a period of time.

In this article, we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best, legitimate hacking tools for Android in the market. Every app in the list is trustworthy and tried-and-tested. You can’t go wrong with downloading any one of them.

1 SPY24 – The Most Game-Changing Android Hacking App of All Time

The top spot on our list of best hacking apps for Android goes to SPY24. SPY24 is a well-known parental control and remote monitoring program. It’s used by countless people from all over the world. It offers groundbreaking features for an unbeatable price.

android hacking app
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1.1 SPY24 offers a plethora of revolutionary features

SPY24 is capable of recording everything happening on the target Android phone or tablet and then sharing the information with you. Here’s an overview of what SPY24 can do:

  • Call logs: SPY24 will record the recent calls made to and from the target device. It records call start, call duration, and the end time. Contact information and a list of favorite callers will also be generated for you.
  • Messages: You’ll be able to read all text message activity on the target device. You will also receive contact phone numbers and names.
  • Social media: SPY24 is rare in that it can hack all the popular social media apps – like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – without root. You can see private chats, group chats, contacts, and exchanged media files.
  • Location: Where was the Android device recently? SPY24 logs all locations in real-time. You get street addresses, geographical coordinates, timestamps, and other location-related information. You can set up a Geofence too.
  • Browser history: Which websites does you target frequent? SPY24 can tell you. You can read brief site descriptions and view visit frequency.
  • SIM tracking: SPY24 keeps track of the SIM Card details. You’ll get to see the carrier details and phone location. The app will also inform you if the number changes.

1.2 SPY24 has been vetted by over a million people

With SPY24, you can be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Here’s how SPY24 separates itself from the competition:

  1. SPY24 is backed by over a million users

Over a million users have downloaded SPY24. The majority of them have renewed their subscription. The app is used by parents, employers, and people from all walks of life from over 190 countries around the world. You can trust SPY24 with your eyes closed.

  1. SPY24 can’t be detected

Hacking apps for Android need to be undetectable. If you’re found out, you’re going to get into trouble. Fortunately, SPY24’s developers have made the app virtually undetectable.

SPY24 for Android involves a tiny software download of less than 2MBs in size. It’s barely noticeable. The app then runs in the background without draining the battery or slowing the phone down. The app icon can be hidden from the drawer.

  1. You don’t need to root

One of the biggest advantages of SPY24 is that it works without root. Most other hacking apps on the market need a rooted device to work. Not SPY24, though. It’s a cutting-edge app that constantly pushes the boundaries of technology.

  1. You don’t need any technical skills to speak of

You don’t have to be a professional hacker to use SPY24. The app is very simple to install and use. You can set it up in under 10 minutes. The user interface is straightforward. You can monitor the target Android device conveniently from any browser.

  1. SPY24 costs less than lunch

SPY24 costs much less than your next meal at a restaurant. Most other Android hacking apps out there cost at least four to five times as much and have limited features to boot. SPY24 offers more features for less.

Just check SPY24’s free live demo to see how it works.

1.3 Get hacking with SPY24 in less than 10 minutes

Step 1: Register for a free SPY24 account. You’ll need an email ID for the username.

Step 2: Purchase a SPY24 plan. You can choose the Premium plan to monitor one device and Family plan to monitor multiple devices.

Step 3: Follow the setup instructions. You’ll have to download a small app on the target device. After that’s done, wait for SPY24’s servers to sync up with the target device.

Step 4: You now have access to the SPY24 dashboard! You can now begin hacking immediately.

**Beware: No app has been invented yet that can be set up to hack an Android device remotely. If someone makes such a claim, they’re trying to take you for a ride. Don’t sign up for such a fraudulent service. **

Want to try SPY24 for yourself before you sign up for it? Click here for the free Live Demo!

#2 Cocospy – Puts Other Android Spy Apps to Shame

The second spot on our list goes to Cocospy. Cocospy is a top-rated spy phone app. Cybersecurity experts swear by the app’s powerful features and discreet monitoring capabilities. Cocospy is compatible with all the latest Android versions.

hacking apps ios
hacking apps ios

Cocospy packs in powerful features in a surprisingly small package

Cocospy is a full-fledged Android hacking app. It offers over 30+ features, which you don’t need to root to access. Here’s a brief look at the app’s best features:

  • Full-fledged Android phone hacking: Cocospy is a powerful Android hacking app. Not much will be hidden from you if you install it on the target device. Cocospy can show call logs, messages, social media apps, locations, and more.
  • Works without root: You won’t have to root the target phone or tablet to install Cocospy and void the warranty, not to mention catching the owner’s attention. The app works perfectly without rooting.
  • Can be set up instantly: You can set up Cocospy in a matter of minutes seeing as the app is very tiny, less than 2MBs in size. You just need a computer with a working internet connection and brief physical access to the target device.
  • Cocospy is reliable: Cocospy is not a scam or a virus in disguise. The app has been around for years. It’s tried-and-true. You will get your money’s worth with the app.

Click here for the Cocospy for Android Live Demo!

#3 Spyier

Spyier merits the third spot on our list. The developers sell the app as an employee monitoring tool. You can observe what your employees are doing with their company phone with the help of the Spyier app.


Spyier is a great employee monitoring tool

With Spyier, you can remotely see what your employees are up to:

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Check the call log and recent social media activity.
  • View current real-time locations.

The app is compatible with the latest Android versions. You also receive email notifications when something notable happens on the target device.

Spyier will only work after rooting

One major drawback of Spyier – and it’s a big one – is that the app only works on rooted phones and tablets. Rooting is hard and will void the device warranty. If rooting isn’t an option, then you need to look at some other solution like SPY24.

#4 Flexispy

Flexispy is a full-featured Android hacking app. It does a solid job of hacking into someone’s Android phone. As a bonus, Flexispy is capable of monitoring Macs and PCs.

SPY24 vs. FlexiSpy: The Ultimate Comparison
SPY24 vs. FlexiSpy: The Ultimate Comparison

Flexispy works with Android, Mac, and PC

Flexispy offers a solid array of Android hacking features:

  • Monitor messages and social media activity.
  • Check call logs, locations, and calendar events.
  • Listen in on conversations.

Unfortunately, Flexispy requires root

A major con of Flexispy is that you need to root the target Android device to access advanced features like social media hacking. Also, Flexispy is not a cheap app by any means. It costs $68 for the Premium version and $199 for the Extreme edition.

#5 Spyera

Spyera is another multi-platform hacking app that’s compatible with Android. The app is also capable of hacking Macs and PCs. You get a good array of features many other Android apps can’t offer, including rare ones like VOIP call recording.

hacking apps for pc

Spyera offers solid features

Here are some of Spyera’s top features:

  • Listen to VOIP calls.
  • Open camera remotely.
  • Capture keystrokes.

Spyera isn’t cheap

Spyera costs a massive $189 for 3 months if you want to spy on an Android phone or tablet. Also, you need to have a rooted phone to access most of the app’s features. Consequently, the app is hard to fully recommend.

#6 GuestSpy

GuestSpy is a relatively unknown Android hacking app, but it’s still worth a look-see. The app can hack the latest Android phones and tablets in a relatively short span of time. The app works in stealth, so you’re never in danger of being detected.

Top 11 Spying Apps for iPhone - Apple 2020
Top 11 Spying Apps for iPhone – Apple 2020

GuestSpy offers a respectable number of features

You get a good number of Android hacking features from Guestpy:

  • GPS location tracking.
  • Ambient video recording.
  • Social media tracking.

Several key features are missing

The GuestSpy app works as advertised but it’s missing several key features. You can’t hack popular social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, and LINE with GuestSpy. The app is also difficult to set up and use, which is why it’s not higher on this list.

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#7 Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the most popular Android hacking apps on the planet. It offers a solid range of remote monitoring features for target Android smartphones and tablets. The app is used by countless parents worldwide.

hacking apps free fire

hacking apps free fire

Spyzie works well

Spyzie will provide you with multiple features:

  • Monitor social media activity.
  • Check call logs, messages, and locations.
  • Capture screenshots.

Spyzie is expensive

Spyzie has a basic version that costs $29.99 per month. But this version is missing most of the app’s best features. To monitor all the activity taking place on the target device, you have to pay $49.99 per month. Also, you need to have a rooted phone or tablet!

Check this Snapchat hack tool for more info

#8 SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a well-known hacking app for Android. The app is capable of remotely monitoring Android devices. You’ll need to briefly physically access the phone or tablet to set up SpyBubble.

SPY24 vs. mSpy: The Final Showdown Of The Top Two Spying Apps
SPY24 vs. mSpy: The Final Showdown Of The Top Two Spying Apps

SpyBubble offers multiple features

SpyBubble provides users with several noteworthy features:

  • Monitor SMS & IM Chats.
  • View internet activities.
  • Record calls.

SpyBubble doesn’t have many key features

While SpyBubble is a good Android hacking app, it is missing several key features. It doesn’t provide full-fledged social media access. You can’t monitor calendar events or a contacts book. You don’t have access to downloaded media files either.  

Hack someone’s iPhone with Spyier

#9 Appmia

Appmia is a relatively unknown Android hacker app. It’s the second-last entry on our list. The app offers a competitive range of features, but it doesn’t work without root, which is a major concern. Appmia can hack all the latest Android phones and tablets.

android hacking app
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Appmia is a powerful tool

Appmia offers several useful features:

  • WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook spy.
  • Record calls and surroundings.
  • Track device location.

Appmia needs root

To unlock the most useful features of Appmia, you need to root. Rooting isn’t easy and it can potentially brick the device. Consequently, Appmia is definitely not for you if you have limited technical skills.

#10 Copy9

Copy9 is a remote Android hacking tool used to watch kids, employees, and prevent theft. The app works with any phone running on Android. Users get powerful features at a competitive price. An especially noteworthy feature is the keylogger.

android hacking app

Copy9 is easy to use and powerful

Copy9 offers several nifty features:

  • Surroundings recorder.
  • Contact history reader.
  • Multimedia files viewer.

Copy9 requires root

However, Copy9 won’t work without root. Rooting can be harmful to the target device and is bound to make the owner suspicious. We can’t recommend Copy9 without reservations because of the rooting requirement.


The top two apps on our best hacking apps for Android list – SPY24 and Cocospy – both work without root and are offer a powerful array of features. They’re also user-friendly and available at an economical monthly price. The other apps on the list are also worth a look-see, but require root or are missing some core features.

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