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best Android hack and slash games and beat Mobile

Hack and slash games and beat ’em up games bring out the primal fun in video games. The simplicity of the button mashing and the satisfaction of mowing down hundreds of adversaries is one of the core experiences of early video games. It’s not quite as popular as FPS games these days, but there are still plenty of excellent titles. There are plenty of games like that on Android. Here are the best hack and slash games on Android! mobile hack and slash

  1. Beat Street
  2. Blackmoor 2
  3. Blade Bound
  4. Brawl Stars
  5. Dan the Man
  6. mobile hack
  1. Dungeon Hunter 5
  2. Icey
  3. Nonstop Knight 2
  4. PPKP
  5. SEGA Forever
  6. mobile hack

Beat Street

Price: Free to play

Beat Street is an old school style beat-em-up game. It’s a 2D side scroller with a bunch of playable characters. The game features single-handed controls, a story to play through, and a good action pace. Each character has a variety of abilities and the story is good enough to drive the player forward. This reminds us a lot of older SNES and SEGA beat-em-ups like Streets of Rage and similar titles.


Blackmoor 2

Price: Free / Up to $4.99

Blackmoor 2 is a side-scrolling hack and slash game. It reminds a lot of old arcade games from the 1990’s. The game also features platformer mechanics as well as some RPG elements. You get a story mode along with a co-op multiplayer and a PvP multiplayer as well. You can even build your own dungeons, share them, and play through them with the level editor. This is one of the more unique hack and slash games on Android.

Blade Bound

Price: Free to play

Blade Bound is one of the newer hack and slash games. It also comes with RPG elements. There is a narrative story line that drives the game forward. Additionally, there are a bunch of various attacks and spells to learn. The game also features a ton of gear, boss fights, three difficulty levels, weekly challenges, and more. It’s a freemium game and that’s a bummer. However, the mechanics are solid and it’s one of the better hack and slash games.

Brawl Stars

Price: Free to play

Brawl Stars is Supercell’s take on the beat-em-up genre. You and other players team up and battle other players online. Every mode is a PvP mode, but there are a few different game variants to play. Some of them are classic arcade action while others contain MOBA elements. Players can also unlock and upgrade brawlers and the game gets plenty of balance updates. It’s not traditional, but it’s fun.

Dan the Man mobile hack

Price: Free to play

Dan the Man is one of the better beat ’em up games. It calls itself an action-platformer. You navigate through levels, beat up tons of bad guys, and fight various bosses. The game also includes various gear, character customizations, and a few different game modes. That includes an endless survival mode where you just beat the tar out of stuff for as long as possible. It plays a bit like a retro action platformer. It is a freemium game, though, and that’s not so great.

Dungeon Hunter 5 mobile hack

Price: Free to play

Dungeon Hunter 5 is one of the most popular hack and slash games on mobile. It’s also an action RPG so you get all of those elements as well. The game has a ton of quests, a story, a metric ton of loot to collect, and co-op multiplayer as well as PvP. This is simply a baseline into the genre and there are a ton of other great games such as Eternium, AdventureQuest 3D, and others. You really can’t go wrong with any of them and it’s mostly a matter of preference.

best Android hack and slash games and beat Mobile


Price: $2.99

Icey is a slightly more modern take on hack and slash games. It has decent graphics, smooth controls, and decent game play. It’s a side scroller with a unique story. The narrator is always trying to trip you up and make you do the wrong things. The game also features a brisk pace, truly fun combat mechanics, boss fights, and more. We also quite like that it’s a premium game with a single $2.99 payment. This is a really nice diamond in the rough for this genre.

Nonstop Knight 2 mobile hack

Price: Free to play

Nonstop Knight 2 is one of the newer beat ’em up games. It follows up Nonstop Knight and Nonstop Chuck Norris. The game is fairly simple. You drop in and starting beating up bad guys. Players live as long as humanly possible. After each round, you upgrade your gear and character so you can try again. The game turns into a grind rather quickly as do most free to play mobile games. However, it’s definitely a step up from its prior iterations. It’s an excellent time killer.


Price: Free to play

PPKP is one of the newer beat-em-up games on Android. It features simple controls, colorful graphics, and a retro style. You play through and beat up a bunch of bad guys as usual. There are also boss fights and a small upgrade mechanic in the background. The game is demonstrably simple so don’t expect anything too deep. However, the action and pacing are certainly there and it’s a fun game.

SEGA Forever mobile hack

Price: Free / $1.99 each

SEGA Forever is an awesome thing. SEGA is slowly porting a bunch of their old Genesis games to mobile. Some of them make for excellent, old school hack and slash games. Kid Chameleon, Streets of Rage (1 and 2), Altered Beast, Comix Zone, and a few others round out a very good selection of games. Unlike most, these aren’t freemium. The free versions have ads while the full version don’t. They are retro and the controls can be a little weird at times. However, they are relatively cheap, old console games.

10 of the Most Popular Android Hack and Slash Games of 2020

Hack and Slash games have been driving all the gamers crazy for a long time. There are a plenty of similar games on the Play Store. Having great graphics and combat features, they are buzzing the mobile gaming market worldwide. In this article, you will find top 10 Android hack and slash games of this year. Take a look at them.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Blade Reborn

Snail Games has a great reputation for producing high-class combat games. Blade Reborn is its latest addition. Here, you will get a completely new experience of dungeon exploration. Your job is destroying the demon race while building your legend in the dungeon. The action features and in-combat weapon switiching mechanics are outstanding. The graphics is really vibrant. So, you will love to play it.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Runic Rampage

If you are looking for a brutal action adventure game, you should play Runic Rampage at least once in your lifetime. Here, you have to use various devastating combos and incredibly powerful spells to destroy the unforgiving enemies. The fights with the bosses is the most interesting part of the game. You have to unleash your ruthless aggression to defeat them.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Bladebound

Bladebound is one of the hottest hack and slash games on the Play Store right now. Thanks to the mixture of beautiful graphics and immersive action RPG elements. There are thousands of ruthless attacks and fatal spells, which are really enjoyable to use. However, it will take some time to learn them properly. If you love to be a dungeon hunter, you will have a great time playing it.

Android Hack and Slash Games – AXE.IO

As the name suggests, AXE.IO is a game where you have to hack and slash using your axe. You will have to fight with other knights in a beautifully crafted battle arena. The last man standing wins the war. The gameplay is absolutely fantastic. The controls are easy to learn and master. So, even if you are a casual gamer, you will have no problem playing it.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

If you are looking for a visually stunning game, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the right choice for you. Here, you have to play as different iconic heroes and villains in various classical locations. Each of the stages have been crafted beautifully. They will dazzle your eyes. In addition to Dearth Vader and Han Solo, you get various characters from every era of the franchise, including Rey, Finn and Luke Skywalker.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Earth Wars

Earth Wars is a game packed with robots and aliens. Your goal is protecting the mankind by destroying all sorts of enemies using your guns. There is a wide range of weapons to take everyone out on your path effectively. The graphics is pretty simple. Same thing goes for the narrative. Overall, Earth Wars can be an amazing hack and slash game for the people with a great enthusiasm about old console games.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Implosion

Implosion is a post – apocalyptic that offers you AAA gaming experience on your Android phone. It takes place after 20 years of the downfall of the earth. To save the race of humanity, you have to get involved with a lot of brutal battles. You have all sorts of super-tech weapons to accomplish your goal. In addition to superb graphics, the game boasts outstanding voice acting and Hollywood level sound production. If you want to get the best experience, play Implosion while wearing your headphone.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Stickman Legends

If you emphasize on mechanics and elements, you will have a great time playing Stickman Legends. You get RPG, shooter, hack and slash, everything all in one place. It’s the biggest plus point. The graphics is 2D. But it looks fabulous. Thanks to the inclusion of dazzling elements and cinematic effect. The battles in the game are really epic. All these things have enabled Stickman Legends to attract a lot of attention from the gamers around the world. mobile hack

Android Hack and Slash Games – Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition might not look as gorgeous as the newest console version. But it does have a lot of similar elements. It has the same characters, including Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus. You have to explore the world and kill the enemies by hacking and slashing. The game has all the ingredients of the Final Fantasy series, including crystals, kings and magic. Overall, it is a must have game for the franchise addicts.

Android Hack and Slash Games – Animus

Animus is regarded as the Dark Souls for smartphones. It has all the elements of the stunning PC game. Here, you will be fighting against terrifying monsters and epic bosses. The graphics is gorgeous. It’s really incredible to see the amount of details presented beautifully in every part of the game. However, Animus can be a bit difficult for beginners. It requires you to learn tactical skills really well to clinch the win.

This is the end of the article. Which one of these Android hack and slash games are you enjoying the most? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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