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Buy Android Rat 2020

Android RAT There is nothing that you can do with a PC that you can’t do using an Android phone. Since the power in the hand has grown so much, a control over that power is also needed. Android RAT is what you need for that. Android RAT gives you the power to establish control over your beloveds’ Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them.

Android App Tracker

Fully Remote Access
Recording Display
Audio Manager
Call & SMS Surveillance
Hidden and Persistent
Packet Encryption
Uninstallation Proof
Cleaning .apk (FUD)

Buy Android Rat 2020

Our Android RAT allows you to remote administrate any of your android devices from your Windows, Linux or Mac. A great way to control your kids devices.

multi-OS controller for Android clients
Fully Remote Access
Record Display
Audio Manager
Call & SMS Surveillance
Hidden and Persistent
Packet Encryption
Uninstallation Proof
Cleaning .apk (FUD)

Activity Information, File Manager, App Widgets, Audio Information, Battery Information, Bluetooth Information, Call Information, Camera Information, Configuration Information, Connectivity Information, Contacts Information, Device admin Information, Display Information, Installed Apps Information, Location Information, Memory Information, System Information, Wifi Information, APK Installer, Call & SMS Surveillance, Small Client(100KB), Camera, Record Display, Call Manager and many more


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APK Builder & Binder

Build a custom APK or bind the payload to an already existing APK such as a game or social media app.


Make your client look the way you want! theme it and make it shine.


There is nothing that you can do with a PC that you can’t do using an Android phone.

Since the power in the hand has grown so much, a control over that power is also needed.

DroidJack is what you need for that. DroidJack gives you the power to establish control over your beloveds’ Android devices with an easy to use GUI and all the features you need to monitor them.

Buy Android Rat 2020

185x RATs in 1 Pack ,Leaked, with soruce

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Android Voyager


Android Voyager RAT is a with web based Android RAT

  • Stealth & FUD
  • Stable
  • Multi-Platform controller
  • Fully Remote Access
  • Web Panel
  • Uninstallation Proof
  • Free Hosting
  • Free Setup

Remote Android Screen, Screen Capturing, Sets Keylogger automatically

without user prompt, Http Traffic Monitor ( Monitors Only Android Device

traffic.If the user logs into a http website it will be captured ), Makes itself

as System application ( Could survive factory data reset ), Lock and Unlock

Other Apps (Including System Apps), Hide and Unhide Other Apps ( Including System Apps ), Removes Android Lock Screen Password, Delete

All Inbox Messages, Bricks the device, Anti Antivirus, Self Destructive Mode, Password Grabbers

Buy Android Rat 2020

888 RAT 1.0.9

888 RAT 1.0.9 + Work Win ( 7 – 8 – 8.1 – 10 -xp -Vista – 2000 – 98 – 95 ) 64 &

32 Bit- Persistence startUp (even if it deleted )- sleep- hide process

(32bit)- USB spread shortCut New method- Upx- spoof any Extention (SCR)- Disable

teskmgr & Msconfig- Av Obfuscator Usg server Fud- Uac Exploit 0 day

disable & enable- Bypass AV scanne & Runtime with Unique Stub Generator

(USG)- Startup Scheduled- Hide installation- 2 Costom Builder- Icone

changer- Binder any kind of file ilimited & not run in startupOption—- File

Manager- Remote Desktop- Web cam capture- Sound capture- Get password (all last browser 2 method – nirsoft & Downloader & Outlook)* BrowserFirefoxInternet ExplorerGoogle ChromeChrome

Canary/SXSCoolNovo BrowserOpera BrowserApple SafariFlock BrowserSeaMonkey BrowserSRWare Iron BrowserComodo Dragon

Browser* EMaileMicrosoft Outlook ExpressMicrosoft Outlook 2002/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013Mozilla ThunderbirdWindows Live Mail 2012IncrediMailOpera MailThe Bat!

Foxmail v6.x – v7.

xWindows Live MessengerMSN MessengerGoogle TalkGMail NotifierPaltalkScene IMPidgin (Formerly Gaim)

MessengerMiranda MessengerWindows Credential Manager- proccess Manager- remote Cmd- Online Keylogger- Form graber log + images- remote chat- download & execut- Upload & execut- Open Url- Uac exploit- Delete Cookis (chrome + firfox)- Spreaker ( Virus speak what you writ )- outluk Delete Profile & pass- open cd & closeBugs Fix ( First of all update your old users with new Rat server , if you not update you will find problems )

1.1.1 improuvment list 1 – Add label explain features in builder area2 – Fix scanner davices bug display ip3 – deleted hid instalation becose some system not run server in startup becose folder is hiden4 – Now you can use Ms17-10 Not just LAN but WAN also mean via wirless5 – Add in server area a auto change from system to user previlage without upload server & run as user for exploit MS17-010 ( so faster )6 – Add Cookis Stealer in password area , now you able to have any session just with steal & inject cookies to your brwoser , no pass , no grabthe good that you can bypass 2FA autentification & not need user or a password , also work any website for browser Chrome Firfox & Opera (Native)7- Add Browser Decrypter for [ Chrome , Opera ]

All vesion in password area (Native)8 – Add in rat client a Arp scanne method on Ms17-010 it is fast mthod to scanne a network the first method was ping scanne now we have tow methods9 – Add in Ms17-010 scanner

custome range from to in the past was num 1 also add label to know self ip in lan network10 – Replaced old FireFox get pass with new one fast & stable ( same way as old just improuved )11 – Some bug fix and delete show ip in

duckdns & no-ip updaters for security reasons & improuve hiden info in option area12 – Add search option on cookies stealer .13 – Message manager improuved now it is a listview with all messages logs14 – Added new

persistence method Schtasks ( we keep old vbs method ) now tow method avalible15 – Remove server from Zone.Identifier in install , the warn message of windows when you run server detected as unknow app

(in install only )16 – Add detect target time & self ip on the machin in scanner MS17_01017 – Change No ip updater from hiden execution to execut via browser (not hiden) more stable becose som browser block

update in hidden mode18 – Add Regedit Manager in windows system area explore files , add value , delete value , Decode value type Binary and Base64 and CryptProtectData 19 – Fix GetObject Error for Speaker in funny

area also for Get Av name20 – Fix Zip & UnZip problems in Filemanager21 – Deleted browser Cookies remover becose rat need cookies to steal data if case monitor grabber not catch data22 – Add Installed Softwar & soft infos

about target machin23 – Deleted Shotcut spread in builder for stability + detection problems24 – Add FileZilla Ftp Password decrypt (Native)25 -Add Rat Change Log for all Update steps in info area26 – Change 888 Rat gif main

logo number 5 with New one27 – Add connection speed test in tools area for windows & android between Rat & server using Ping & Pong28 – Add save data for ( browser native & get message android & phone contacts )29 – Add Exe To Msi in Tools Main RAT30 – Fix ( All Files ) downloaded files in

Android31 – Changed get ip & country from website to a native get ip & country , not need website to have infos now Rat done itself32 – Add IP Tracker area a method to get all info about target & scanne port & send fake page with auto os & payload detection33 – Add your Custome Port to scanne

in Ms 17-010 befor it was just 445 now you can scanne any port you want also added icons status34 – Fix problems in cam spy android & improuved & work all vesion of android from hony to Q35 – Add Auto screen in cam spy android , now camra is like a video screen36 – some one report a

problem in calls spy , can’t read indian & arabic & russian & other no latin caracters now you can download all calls with one click37 – Add image geo tracer . you can get image place where it taken in file manager38 – Add

Open Url in Browser forAndroid in tool area39 – Remove Optimisation option from android builder now server work fine without any stop by system even if use lot of battray40 – Add Password on Android area ,

Facebook Phisher is fake login page that get user data & redirect the user to real Facebook41 – Add Account Manager in Password area to get google email & samsung email & any other app email42 – now delete apk

(uninstall) work all android osInstallation Note:Always Disable Your Antivirus Before Using RATInstall Java JRE And Java JDK If Not Installed YetICQ: :

Top 3 Android Hacking Tools

AhMyth Android RAT – Remote Administration Tool By Dibya Nayani Senapati 0 Comment August 24, 2019  AhMyth, Android, Android Devices, android hacking, android malware, Android RAT, Google Play Store, malicious software, malicious tool, Radio Balouch, RAT, RB Music, Remote Administration Tool, Remote computer

There are more than 2.5 billion Android devices active each month and anyone of them can be hacked with the use of a remote administration tool known as RAT.

RAT was basically created to provide technical support to the remote computer by allowing an administrator to log in and control the device directly.

But hackers quickly saw the potential of these tools and started using them for there own profit.

What is AhMyth?

AhMyth is also a RAT and one of the most popular malicious tools and it can do a lot of functions which you can’t even imagine.

Like it can help outsiders to monitor a device location, see SMS messages, take camera snapshots and even record with the microphone without the user knowing.

AhMyth was introduced in 2017 and is an open-source Android RAT.

It contains a simple GUI interface which makes it different from the rest of the crowd.

It really easy-to-understand because of its graphical user interface.

Additionally, AhMyth is available for all the platforms like Linux, Windows, macOS.

A latest android application Radio Balouch or RB Music just hits the play store twice and this application is based on AhMyth.

The source code of this Android Remote Administration Tool is available on GitHub, it is a dubbed AhMyth Android RAT. If you want, you just have to download and test it.

How to protect yourself from Android RATs?

Some precautions which you can take to protect yourself from RATs are like do not install Android apps that aren’t from the Google Play store.

This doesn’t mean that all Google Play apps are safe, but they are much safer than some other app which we found online from other sources.

Installing from “Unknown sources” is disabled by default in Android, but if you will allow this then you are increasing your own risks.

If you have a strong reason to download an APK from outside Google Play, be sure to tap only on “Allow this installation only”, otherwise by mistake you can permanently enable “Unknown sources”.

Another way to prevent malicious software from installing on your Android device is by keeping it up-to-date.

Install software updates when they come out.



the most professional monitoring app for kids, employees, etc.

Reports on social media networks such as, FacebookInstagramLINE, etc.

  • Monitor instant messengers such as, WhatsAppSnapchatViberLineKikTelegramSkypeWeChatTinderImoHikeKakaoTalkYahoo messengerHangouts, etc.
  • Record calls and environment sounds along with monitoring phone gallery
  • Access and monitor visited websites
  • Instant GPS tracking and location monitoring for kids and the elderly
  • Manage and monitor Contacts, Calls, Messages, etc.
  • And lots of other monitoring features tailored for your needs.

Android RAT and all you need to know about how to hack Android

One of the methods through which one can hack an Android phone is by using an Android RAT. Hackers create an Android RAT (Remote Access Trojan) and hack an Android device by using this hack tool. As we share almost anything with our smart phone, it is absolutely crucial to maintain for the security of our personal data.

If you are interested in finding more about how to spy on Android devices and how to safeguard them against hacking attacks, read along as I’m about to give you a thorough explanation.

What is Android RAT?

RAT is in fact a type of Trojan and it is the abbreviation of Remote Access Trojan.

This type of software disguises itself as another software and steals other people’s data.

Android RATs are usually formed as a popular app or a game.

Not being aware of the true nature of the app, the victim installs the app on their device. The Android RAT uses the Backdoor created by the hacker and steal different types of data from the victim’s Android phone.

RATs are totally dangerous and they can allow different malware to access your device. Using an Android RAT, the hacker will be able to have admin access to the target device.

This means that the hacker is able to install other apps such as keyloggers on the victim’s device as well.

This way, the hacker will be able to steal almost anything from the device.

That is why Android RATs are considered to be extremely harmful and dangerous.

What can an Android RAT do?

As I said earlier, hackers can perform different hacking procedures on the target device using Android RATs.

These are some of the things that a hacker can do using an Android RAT:

  • Take full control over the victim’s device by installing applications such as keyloggers
  • Take pictures with front or rear camera without the victim noticing
  • Access all the file stored on the device
  • Copy, edit, or even delete all the data from the target device

These are only some of the things that a hacker can do using an Android RAT. Using different Android RATs, hackers can have access to almost any sort of data on your device.

How to create an Android RAT

There are two methods that hackers can implement to create Android RATs.

One of these methods is to use applications such as Android RAT to create the RAT file.

The second method is through using Kali Linux operating system and creating a RAT file with the terminal. The second method is more complicated than the first one and requires more knowledge of coding. So novice hackers are more into using the second method to hack an Android device.

Tinder Spy App|Monitor Tinder Activity on Android
Tinder Spy App|Monitor Tinder Activity on Android

How to protect your device against Android RATs

The first and the best thing you can do to protect your android phone against hackers is by using an effective antivirus that is able to detect malware and harmful applications.

You might think that smart phones don’t require any sort of antivirus, but in fact an antivirus is one of the most essential applications that you need to have on your smart phone.

Also, in order to protect Android phone against hackers, you should be careful not to install apps from unknown sources.

Android is an open-source OS and this makes it more vulnerable to Trojans and hack tools. The safest thing you can do is to install apps only from Play Store.

Finally, avoid clicking on suspicious links as they mostly try to get an app installed on your phone.


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