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Are you a business owner? Is it difficult for you to keep up with monitoring your employees? Are you looking for a way out to find a way to track the functioning of your office? Here is the most feasible and effective way of solving your purpose. Employee Monitoring SPY24 Software is a thing to make your life easy.

Monitoring Software


As the name suggests, it is a simple tool/software that simplifies your professional life. Employees are a significant of an organization and their efficiency is subjected to monitoring of the employer. The employee monitoring softwares caters fulfills this task. It helps them track the activities of your employers and lets them witness what happens at your workplace. This software will be very helpful if you wish to extend the productivity. 
If you are an employer, then it is wholly for you!

This software is going to help you in multiple ways. You can comfortably sit at your computer and analyze everything. It can measure the efficiency of your working, tracking the presence of the employees, check security and implementing a sense of discipline in the working environment. The list won’t end here. There is a lot to it which you will find out below:
1. Monitor the internet usage
2. Reports about the most used apps and websites
3. Attendance reports
4. Figure out the tasks the employees find difficult but hesitate to tell
Browser History Tracker
Browser History Tracker


The very act of monitoring workplaces is an old practise which has been universally followed all across the globe. Be it a small grocery store, a multi-storeyed departmental store, a call-center or an IT firm, every person on a superior designation wants to ensure that delegation is being done the right way.

Now the cult remains the same, but means of conducting the act of monitoring is changed.

It is simpler and more effective now. All thanks to the modern technology.

So let’s take a minute to appreciate and thank the gift of technology.

Pros and cons of the employee monitoring software Every employer struggles when deciding to get employee monitoring software free.

That is why we are placing a set of the most obvious pros and

cons to make your life easier and lessening the decision making time:


1. It is FREE
How can this benefit not assert the first place?

Who doesn’t like a free thing which is extremely beneficial at the same time?

And when it is about a free employer tracker app, which business would dare saying a NO.

You will find abundant apps on the internet but not the entire are free.

This employee monitoring software is loaded with advantageous features.

Once you get grasp of it and find an upgradation to be important.

You may switch to better plans.

2. Saves time
Most of the employers hire full time employees who work in a shift of 8-10 hours. The real question to deliberate upon is ‘Do they work for all those hours?’. According to a survey, on an average a person wastes 1.5 to 3 hours per day. And considering that this is the average, the hours of wasting could be a lot more. If this is a thing to happen on a per day basis, one could imagine the money that goes in vain.

Being a rational employer, you will obviously require the maximum output from the money you are investing and the employee monitoring software is a free gateway to do it.

3. Better Employee Performance Analysis
Keeping an eye in your office, also helps you figure out the rankings of the best performers in the firm.

It helps you to reward the best employees appropriately. With this software you can measure the efforts of the team and of individual entities, ensure security and track the attendance.

4. Higher security

With increase amount of awareness regarding sexual harassments at workplaces, it is a good idea to employ free employee tracker app. It will heighten the trusts of the women personnel and make them feel safe and secure in the office prerogative. If any mishappening occurs, there could be a proof of the same.


5. Transparency 

The employee monitoring software free helps maintaining the sync of the team.

Not just for the Top Authority but the managers on duty and responsible at certain levels.

This software can enhance connectivity and makes work more flexible.

6. Quality delegation

When you get to see performances, rather than getting reports from different people, decision making gets easier and the probability to get work done properly is increased.

The first hand information can change your work for good. It deletes the probability of red tapism and gives the delegated employee more sense of belief and authority. You can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of the your employees. Most dominantly, you will not end up assigning tasks to an incompetent employee.

7. Lesser Administrative Work

A proper functioning administration mostly requires a team of people but this
software can mostly eradicate such requirement and substitute for the manual administration.

The pros are the major aspect of the employee monitoring software,

and the cons are almost negligible but it is good to consider them as well.


1. Morale Effect

Employee monitoring software can heighten the work’s pace but on the other hand, it creates a

sense of distrust and disharmony between the boss and the employees.

2. Increased stress
This software may be beneficial to the Employer but is stressful to the Employee.

The employee is needed to be on toes all the time and make sure that the software doesn’t catch them lazy and lanky.

3. Sense of lack of privacy

Being monitored all the time is an uncomfortable situation and makes the employee feel hesitated.

Over To You: SPY24

After this brief analysis, it is now easy to figure out the benefits of the software.

Coming on the legal aspects, it is totally legal to monitor the functioning of your office. It doesn’t violate any sort of law.

So why keep waiting, download the software today!

Install employee monitoring software today!

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