SPY24 Location tracker Privacy and Policy

Location information, for example in the form of GPS signals sent by your mobile device on which one of the Applications is installed and activated. Spy24 uses this location information to create a detailed location history of all of the journeys you have made while using one of the Applications. Location Information will only be sent to the persons you select and after your approval.

Phone book data is used by Spy24 : Spy24 only to display your friends/family names instead of just phone numbers in case you chose to share app link with them and send an invitation.

SPY24 Location tracker FAQ

Is the SPY24 Location tracker Free?
The SPY24 Location tracker, is completely free. Just visit the App Store, search for SPY24 and begin your download and installation.

What Phone Systems Does the SPY24 Support?
The SPY24 Location tracker app is available for iOS systems. Get it for free on the App Store.

How Do I Install the SPY24, on the iPhone?
• Make sure that your location is turned on while it downloads and installs.
• Search for SPY24 in the App Store, and click on the install button.

• Before installation completes, you will be required to enter a username and password that you will be using while it runs in the background.

• From here, you can log into your control panel on www.spy24.org on your preferred browser and validate the installation using the login details that you entered when installing the app on the iPhone. In about 20 minutes, recorded information from the phone will begin transmission into your control panel.

I’ve installed SPY24, but I'm Not Receiving Any Recorded Information on My Control Panel.
If, after 20 minutes, you are still not receiving information, try restarting the device that you installed SPY24, on.

What Information Can I Obtain from SPY24?
• GPS location information every 2 days from the phone to your control panel.
• Friends and family members location that are added in friends list.

How Do I uninstall the SPY24, from an iPhone?
• Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage. You will see a list of all installed apps.
• Find the SPY24 app icon from the list, tap on it, tap “Delete App” and it will uninstall.

Where Is SPY24 Location tracker Based?
SPY24 Labs LLC is a company based in Turkey.

Can I use It to Locate a Lost iPhone?
SPY24 can detect the location of a lost iPhone, provided that the app is installed on the device in the first place.

Can I Install SPY24 Remotely On an iOS Device?
No. You need to physically install it on the device you wish to track.