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Hacking Android Spy Apps for A Cheating Spouse

You notice your spouse is acting funny. Something isn’t right. They guard their phone and won’t tell you who they are texting. You have been thinking “I wonder if there are any android spy apps for a cheating spouse?” The good news is there are such tools for android phones.

Should you spy on your spouse?

In this article, I will tell you what you can do to spy on your cheating spouse. I will also tell you what is not possible for using android spy apps for a cheating spouse. So let’s get started.

Hacking Android Spy Apps for A Cheating Spouse
Hacking Android Spy Apps for A Cheating Spouse

By the Numbers: Cheating Statistics

Admit to Cheating
22% of men
14% of women

Cheat To Get Back Spouse
9% of men
14% of women

Did not know about cheating
70% of women
54% of men

Are right about knowing their partner is cheating
85% of women
50% of men

Think sending a flirty text is cheating
76% of women
59% of men

Cheating by Country:
10. Finland 36%
9. The United Kingdom 36%
8. Spain 39%
7. Belgium 40%
6. Norway 41%
5. France 43%
4. Germany 45%
3. Italy 45%
2. Denmark 46%
1. Thailand 56%

Most Likely to Cheat:
Heavy social media users.
Men whose age ends in 9
Someone who has already created. (3 x more likely)
Friskier mates.
Wealthier men and poorer women.

More Cheating Stats:
17% cheat with a sister-in-law or brother-in-law
35% Cheat on Business Trip
36% of men cheat with a coworker.
40% of online cheating turn into real-life cheating.
33% of marriages have one or both partners cheating.
People who have cheated before are 3 times more likely to cheat again.
Cheating usually happens 2 years into a marriage.

Android spy apps for a cheating spouse – What is NOT possible

Your first thought is probably something like this “How can I send them a text message or something and trick them into putting the spy software on their phone?”. The idea of course is that you want to remotely slip the spy app on their phone without them knowing. Not gonna happen. At SPY24, we spent countless hours looking at every possible way to do this.

how can i track my husband's cell phone
how can i track my husband’s cell phone without him knowing and for free

The guys over at Google that made Android are smart. The very first thing they think about with Android is making it hack-proof. Security is a very big concern (To learn more about why this is read hidden spy apps for android). With Android, you can’t install apps remotely. Even if you could you Android won’t give you all the permissions you need to do the spying of text messages, Facebook, and everything else you will need to catch a cheating spouse.

Just know that remote installs of spy apps for Android are just not possible. Anyone telling you they can do it should have a great refund policy. That way you can at least get your money back when you find out it can’t be done.

Android Spy Apps +Device Rooting

Android spy apps for a cheating spouse need to physically be put on the phone like any other app. But they are not like any other app. They need to do things like Run invisibly. Android spy apps need to see what every other app on the phone is doing. These special apps need to grab the text messages and information from those apps too. Hardly a “typical” android app.

Because these apps need so much control over the phone many of them need the Android device to be rooted. You should avoid spy apps that need you to root your Android device.

First of all rooting, an Android device is not easy. Rooting an android device removes a lot of built-in security. It lets apps have “full control” over the device. Plus it will break the phone’s warranty. When Google does an Android update you need to re-root the device too. At SPY24, we worked VERY hard to make sure you do not need to root your android device. You should avoid any android spy apps for a cheating spouse that tell you to root the device. Your spouse will know their phone is “different” after you rooted it.

spy on spouse cell phone for free
spy on spouse cell phone for free

There are other apps out there too but you want to pick someone who will be around for the long haul. Consider Spectoroft. They had a good product at one time called Eblaster Mobile but decided to stop making and support it.

How to Catch a cheating spouse using Android and SPY24
To catch a cheating spouse you will need to get a hold of their phone. You will need their passcode too to get into the phone. Using an android spy app like SPY24 you can catch your cheating spouse without needing to root the device either.

Here are the exact steps to putting SPY24 on an Android phone and catching your spouse cheating. It is how you can use SPY24 as an android spy app for a cheating spouse. Go ahead and follow along on your android phone or just use this as a guide when you have a few minutes alone with your spouse’s phone (TIP: Do this while they are sleeping.)

Download the SPY24 Android spy app

The best thing to do is to get the download links emailed to you. Just click this button below:

You can get an email sent to you with the download links. Then just open your email on your spouse’s Android phone and click the link to install it. That is how you can use SPY24 as an android spy app for a cheating spouse.

Alternatively, you can open their Google chrome browser (pick incognito mode) and type in this address:Android App Tracker 

That will download the app.

NOTE: The SPY24 android spy app is not in the Google play store. Don’t think they want it in there either.

enter cell number read texts free
enter cell number read texts free without installing on target phone

TIP: We did not call the app “SPY24”. Instead, we called it “security services” to better hide it.

But with Android, you still can download apps, not in the Google play store. Just check this box when downloading. Then you can download and install the SPY24 android spy app:

Video install spy24 app

After you see this screen just click “Settings”. Then you can tell Android it’s OK to download SPY24 even if it is not on the app store.

Now that SPY24 (security services) is downloaded just open and install it.

The app will ask you to click a few boxes and tell Android to give some extra permissions. Nothing too difficult.

Make a free account and you can try SPY24 free. See for yourself how easy it is to spy on your spouse.

After you make your free account SPY24 has its hooks into your spouse’s Android phone. The app icon will disappear and it will be very hard for them to know the spy app is on their phone.

Spying on your cheating spouse
With tattletale on their Android phone, you can now see everything they do. It is one of the best android spy apps for a cheating spouse. It makes YouTube like movies of them using their phone. You can watch them type out text messages or chat it up with an X on Facebook. Even if they use incognito mode with their browser or delete messages you will see them do it.

Watch these movies is easy. Just login into the SPY24 site with your new free account:

TIP: You can watch them on your phone, a tablet, or a computer. Does not matter.
This is what you will see:

Notice the click chart at the bottom. If shows you when and how active they are on the phone. But it is the movie you will be most interested in.

The SPY24 Android movies work just like any other video player. You can start/stop the video. Use the progress bar to advance to different parts of it.

With SPY24, you will know what your spouse is up to Right away. Typically within a day. If they are cheating on you you will know with you. You will see gut-wrenching conversations that might be difficult to believe and read.

Picking Days
SPY24 will highlight any day that it has recordings for. Just pick the day to view it. If the day is grayed out it means nothing was recorded.

Saving Evidence with android spy apps for a cheating spouse
Just right-click (or tap and hold) any image. Then you can save it for later… and that brings up to the last section of this article. How to confront your spouse?

Confronting your spouse
android spy apps for a cheating spouse

Now your worst fears are confirmed when it comes to android spy apps for a cheating spouse. They are having an affair. You can see it first hand. How do

Do you confront your spouse about it?

First, you need evidence. I recommend going to a computer (not your phone). go through the most damming evidence and right-click on the screenshots. Save them to your computer.

When you confront your spouse 2 things will happen:

First, they will deny it. that is why you need evidence printed out. Once you show them the screenshots they just can’t deny it anymore. You have caught them.

Second (and strangely enough) your spouse will get very mad at YOU for spying on them. But they WERE cheating on you and you had a funny feeling. What were you supposed to do? Look it is just human nature at its finest. Nobody will admit they were wrong.

Should you spy on your spouse?
Should you spy on your spouse?

The best course of action is to step back and look at why the cheating happened. What was wrong in the relationship? What need of your partner was not getting fulfilled? Marriage counseling is probably the best route. But in the end, it is completely up to you on how to handle this.

In summary, you will need access to your spouse’s android phone to catch a cheating spouse. You want to use software like SPY24 that does not need you to root their phone and void their warranty.

Using Your Android Phone to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

This app is not just for the spouses who suspect their spouse of cheating. Parents and employers can also use this to keep tabs on the cell phone use of children and employees.

Using Your Android Phone to Spy on a Cheating Spouse

Step One- Download SPY24 App

In order to spy on the android phone of your husband or wife, you will need a SPY24 app. This app needs to be download and install on the target phone of your partner. Downloading the app is really simple and easy. You will need to have the phone of your partner for two minutes. You will be given a link to download the app.

Step Two- Install the App on Target Phone

When you download the app, it will take two or three minutes. After that, you will have to follow the given instructions to install the app and set it up. From downloading to installation, it takes just five minutes. The process is simple and you will be able to install the app without any issues. Now, you can give the phone back to your husband or keep it from where you picked.

Step Three- Choose Spying Features

The app has been successfully installed on the phone of your husband or wife. The great thing is this app leaves no signs or icons on the phone. It becomes invisible and your partner will not be able to detect it. Now you can see the list of provided features. There are a good number of features that you can use with this app to spy on android phones.

Step Four- Activate the Features

When you are done with choosing the features, you can activate them. Like if you have selected location tracking feature or text message tracker, this feature needs to be turned on. This can be done in the dashboard of your account where you will log in with your username and password. As the feature will be activated, it will start working.

spy on spouse cell phone for free
spy on spouse cell phone for free

Step Five- Enjoy Spying on Android Phone

Whatever feature you choose, it will be activated and starts working soon after that. The files of recording and other data will be stored in your SPY24 account where you can access it anytime. The purpose is to let the users keep important files in their access. This is all you need to do to spy on the android phone of your partners and sneak into their devices.

Features of SPY24 App

We talked about how users can download to install and then turn on the features of the app to sneak into the Android phones of their partners. Now we are going to talk about the best features of a spy app that anyone can use. This app is not just for the spouses, rather parents and employers can also use this. Parents will need to track their kids and the employers want to know about the online activities of their staff.

The first and most important feature is phone call tracking. With this feature, the partners can listen to the live phone calls of their partners and spouses. With this, SPY24 also offers text message tracking feature. This option is good when you want to see and check the messages on the phone of your spouses.

How To Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing?spying
How To Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing?spying

Taking it further, SPY24 has many other features including the location tracker. With GPS location tracker, knowing the whereabouts of your husbands and wives is really easy. SPY24 offers live tracking feature that helps you track your partners anytime, anywhere in the world.

In the next big feature, hacking social media is the best one. With screen recorder, you can hack the social media accounts of your spouses on their android phones. SPY24 track all social media apps and sites. You will need to check the internet history too and SPY24 does that. You will also get remote control option, multimedia tracking to see photos and videos, SIM change notification feature, bugging the mic and camera of your partner’s phone.

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