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Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone

Hacking In Family Law We are starting to become aware of people hacking during divorces.Are you looking to hack your spouse’s phone? One spouse might be hiding some assets that you want to find. The spouse that wants to hack might hire a hacking team to break into the other spouse’s email, Facebook, or phone. It happens more than you would think.

Hacking Android Spy Apps for A Cheating Spouse

Hacking is a scary business and you need to understand it if you are going through a divorce or separation.

The most likely reason for hacking is to find accurate financial disclosure. It can also be used to find a child that has been taken away by a spouse that does a parental abduction.

This article explains what I have learned in speaking with hackers. I do not suggest hacking unless you are certain on the laws. There are very fine lines between ethical hacking (legal) and black hat hacking (illegal.) That being said, a lot of the laws are uncertain as hacking is still very much an underground thing.

Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone

Cyberwarfare Being A Function Of Business

There are many facets to cyberwarfare being a function of the business. We have started to see that law firms have started to do fake Google reviews. There are troll factories around the world that hire people specifically for this purpose. They leave fake reviews as well as like generators for Twitter and Instagram. Although in a commercial sense these tend to be people selling bot services, the troll factories tend to be nation-state affiliated. They sometimes take it even farther such as inflating the volume of divisive content. They might also use targeting ads to specific areas (both of which happened in the DNC hack).

Typically, the term “cyberwarfare” will tend to not implicate civilian affairs unless they are politically affiliated. But in the context of family law, you should check out this person. She does a lot of work on stalker ware and using surveillance for abuse.

I’m sure I’m probably a bit biased but getting into anything digital related in law has lots of space to innovate. One of the biggest issues we have is that digital forensics is extremely difficult. Legal bodies do not have a great understanding of the technicalities. There, even if there is evidence, the judging bodies will not necessarily understand how the evidence proves the case. Because of this privacy law is very immature. It also affects people when it comes to cases like cyberstalking, harassment, and bullying. These kinds of issues are common during divorces.

Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone- Hacking Tools Used

Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone- Hacking Tools Used

A hacker that I know uses a lot of tools that are already built. These are not illegal malware or anything, just open source tools. They often offer advanced versions for hacking companies. The hacker has to do a lot of reading and interpreting code to interact with the running code. The hacker tries to get the running code to do it’s not supposed to do. They also need to know how that relates to network architecture and business risk.

Depending on what they are testing, they also have to sometimes set up their own version of the assets. This requires knowing how to interpret lots of different code types. Sometimes you have to write a quick tool to get something done more efficiently. Other times they need to fix broken client code. That happens more often than people would think. However, it is not the same as people perceive coding where you build an entire system. It’s more like writing some scraps and then discarding it later.

Buying Malware On The Dark Web

People can make an entire living off of selling malware on the dark web. That’s another highly fascinating topic, they have entire business models. Some of them even having live customer service centers or subscription services. $200 dollar malware will probably get caught by a lot of antiviruses. But at the same time could potentially compromise a lot of average people or small businesses. These would be people who have no idea what they’re doing security-wise. It ranges from that to the hundreds of thousands of dollars range. There is expensive new malware for specific systems that have not been publicly disclosed. Therefore it is not protected against on a mass scale yet, which is why they’re so expensive.

Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone- Making Hard Decisions
Buying Malware On The Dark Web

Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone- Making Hard Decisions

Hacking ethics is always a case by case thing. One of the things they mention about digital law, in general, is the lack of historical cases to base current laws on. Should a hacking company require a warrant for investigating a spouse?

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Companies have the threat of losing reputation over weak privacy and security. They invested in making sure their systems are secure. In terms of the code they use, they make sure it is updated and safely constructed. The easiest way to hack stuff like that is to guess passwords (which is easily automated). However, nowadays there are tons of controls to prevent that. This includes forcing the user to have a longer and more complex password. Further, they can lock a user account out after too many guesses (so attackers cannot automate the process.) They also use two-factor authentication. This is like when you have to receive a text message or email to put into the application after you put in the password.

Hacking your spouse’s phone is easy with help from a hacker. Just make sure you don’t break the law. Know the laws before hacking.

Companies Are Getting Better In Protecting Users From Hacking

They also automatically warn the user of suspicious behavior. Such as if someone signs into your Google account from a new device or from an unusual place in the world. By themselves, they are not the most effective, but when combined they provide a pretty good shield. So really the only feasible way is to guess the password. This is still very possible because people use passwords related to their personal lives. Details of this can often be found online. Sometimes hackers can get someone to tell their password. This is what they call social engineering. It includes any sort of action to trick the user into believing they should give secretive information to you.

Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone- Hacking Is Very Psychological

This all ties in with OSINT – hacking is also very psychological. You can basically stalk someone’s computer habits well enough. Then you can gain enough information to try to infer passwords. You can also trick them into just giving them to you. Sometimes there are purely code-based hacks that are presented at conferences. However, they typically require extensive research and skill-focused on the site. Once the hack goes public it is usually quickly fixed by the company. At this point in the internet, code systems are way too complex for the time to be worth it. This is unless of course you are getting paid to research it.  Overall though, a huge majority of hacking is really due to human error.

You’re probably aware of phishing, that’s still a huge majority of attacks even for big profile targets like in the DNC hack. In these cases, it tends not to be the actual email getting hacked. Instead, the attacker is trying to socially engineer someone to download something malicious. This is normally done in an email or to get passwords sent to the hacker. It’s really easy to trick busy corporate users into believing they forgot to do something. Other times, it’s that someone needs something from them. Or for the average person, blackmail or coercion is used often. The CRA scams are really popular attacks for targeting elderly people.

Hacking your spouse’s phone is available with the help of a hacking company.

Hacking Your Spouse’s Phone- Hacking Is Very Psychological
Hacking Will Become Part Of Family Law

Family Law Hacks- Using Social Media To Attack

But in these cases, the email/social media is simply a launching pad for other parts of the attack. For example, one of the most common ones is tricking someone into downloading a malicious Microsoft document. It will then contain Microsoft Word malware which will infect Word separately on that person’s computer. From there the malware can then spread to other machines on the same network. Essentially you can take down an entire company like this, but you’re not hacking their email technically. Everything that happens in the email is exactly how it is intended to be used, from a software perspective.

Many corporations now have cyber teams. Governments have problems attracting talent for the high caliber of work that they need to do. Mostly because the security clearances can take over your life and private pays way more.  In China, it’s the opposite as the money is working for the government. The Chinese government does a large investment in cyber abilities.

Hacking Will Become Part Of Family Law

Hacking is not common in the divorce industry yet. But it makes sense that a lot of other industries have not broken into frequent tech use. Law firms need to have a strong cybersecurity team behind them. Lawyers store all that legal documentation and it must be protected.

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