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Today there is a lot that smartphones can help us do. From finding locations to reaching them, cell phones have a lot to do with the new location feature in it. LOCATE LOST ANDROID

So, in today’s article, we will be discussing about the

same and taking you through how you can locate lost android phone.


You might be worried about someone close to you,

when they do not answer your calls and do not return home

even when it is quite late at night.

This begins to worry you.

Hence, you may feel a stringent need for locating their android phone when it is lost.

In the similar manner, if their phone gets lost, or they

get lost and you are not able to find them,

you can locate their phones and find them and their phones too.

Also, when you want to surprise someone or just meet them because you miss them, it is easy to locate them and reach them than calling them continuously to find things out.


The best and most effective method to locate an android phone is by using tracking apps.

Tracking apps are spy apps that help monitor someone’s phone activities

to provide you with all the information so that you are able

to build a secure and safe environment for them in need.

Also, if you are concerned about someone, you can simply track them to make sure they are keeping fine.

Free Mobile Phone Tracker App Android iPhone Ios
Free Mobile Phone Tracker App Android iPhone Ios


One of the best methods to track these phones is by using an app called Mobile Tracker Free.

This app is a monitoring software that helps to keep an eye on someone, and also backup their file and data.

They come with a very comprehensive set of

features that comprise GPS location, view Call logs, call recordings, multimedia files and more.

In this way, they make a brilliant app for you to locate

someone’s phone too because they work best in android phones.


Spying on someone may not be a great option but if the

tracking helps you to find somebody’s lost phone or

themselves too when they have the phone along, can be very helpful and useful.

In this way, you must always make sure that you are using these devices and applications for the right purpose.

Doing this may help you to be very fruitful to someone and you can even save their lives. 

Also, it is important to make sure that you do not misuse these apps as that is wrong and illegal.


Locating a lost phone is a big job and if you are

looking for something serious, Mobile Tracker Free is sure to really give you all of it.

1. A plethora of free features
The app is woven with some extremely modern and

advanced features that can severely help you to deal with your problem and get over it soon.

These features that include, viewing multimedia files,

social media activities, call recordings,

instant messages and more can really help you to monitor

your person successfully and help them cope with their

issues of losing their lost android phone.

2. Easy to use 
Another great thing about this app is that everything in it is

very easy, simple and convenient to use which makes this app a favourite amongst all clients and users.

From installation to the upgradation process, everything is very simple to do.

3. Fully suitable to android phones
Since we are talking about android phones here, we must mention that this one does wonders with it. It is very compatible with any android phone and works faster than ever.



In order to locate lost android phone it is important to know how you have to do it. There are a few steps that you must successfully implement in order to get right there. Let us begin.

1. Prepare for installation

Before you begin to install the app make sure that you

have your phone connected to a strong wifi or a strong internet

connection so that there is no interruption that occurs. 

2. Installation
Now you must begin to install your app and all the

information about how to do this is mentioned in the

website of Mobile tracker.

It only takes not more than 10 mins to complete the process.

3. Configure the app
Now you must create an account and register if you haven’t. You may also log into if you already have an existing account. This is important and make sure you fill in all the details carefully while doing this.

When you register you will be asked

about the email id and password, make sure you fill them to start this

4. Make the application trusted
After you have done all of this, make sure you make the application trusted.

Again, this is mentioned in the website so you may refer that.

5. Delete everything
If you do not want the targeted person to know

that they are being targeted, you can simply

delete all proves by erasing your browsing history and more.

Also make sure you do it in theirs and make the app undetectable for best results.

6. Start the process
Now that you are all set to begin, you may start

monitoring the targeted person and find out their lost android phone to help them out.

Give them a surprise and they will never be happier.

This is how helpful and useful 

Mobile Tracker Free app can be as an android phone locator and this is how it works best.

Make sure you use this android phone locator

for best results and find out everything about them to make sure they are safe.

How to find your lost Android phone

Worried about misplacing your phone or (worse yet) having it stolen?

Ease your fears and set up a tracking system before your worst case scenario strikes.

You’ll get the best results if your phone is connected to a

Wi-Fi signal but GPS and mobile networks will still manage to pinpoint a fairly accurate location.

You must also have a Google account for virtually all of the tracking services available, whether they are built-in or downloaded.

  • How to locate your phone using Google
  • Find your phone with Google Home and Assistant
  • Find your phone with third-party apps
  • Google’s tools are your best solution
  • If all else fails, block your phone’s IMEI

How to locate your phone using Google

Most Android phones now come with Find My Device built right in.

This service automatically tracks your phone’s location,

so if it ever goes missing you can hop on your laptop or a friend’s phone and find its last known location,

ring your phone if it’s nearby and you need

a hint, or lock and/or erase your phone if you fear it has been stolen.

The most important thing you can do is make

sure your phone is set up to be found before it goes missing.

Otherwise, you’re basically on your own. An important point to note here is that you should always have your phone’s IMEI and serial numbers handy.

You can easily find your phone’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# from your phone’s dialer.

The IMEI number is a unique identifier, and it is what your phone uses to register to cell towers. You can get your phone’s serial number from the settings. Go to Settings -> About phone and you should see the serial number.

Having this information is useful particularly

if your phone is stolen and you need to register a complaint with the police.

Let’s get back to Google’s built-in utility.

You’ll be signed into Find My Device as soon as you set up your phone,

but there are a few times when things don’t work the way they’re meant to.

In such a scenario, all you need to do is download the Find My Device app from the Play Store and sign in with your Google account.

Once you do so, it will stay active on your device, and you’ll be able to use it to locate your phone remotely.

Should you happen to lose your phone, you can locate its whereabouts by logging into your Google account from any computer or even from another phone.

Just launch any web browser,

navigate to, and enter your email address and

 password if you’re not signed in to your Google account on that device.

If you have 2-step verification set up on your Google account (and you most certainly should), you’ll need to complete that as well.

With Find My Device open, you have three options to choose from:

  • You can play a sound so that it makes noise (even if you had it on silent). This feature is helpful if the map indicates that the phone is within earshot and you simply can’t see it.
  • You can secure your device so that the finder can’t access your home screen.
  • This feature is most helpful if your phone wasn’t previously secured with a passcode or a fingerprint sensor.
  • You can erase your phone. This is the best option if you know for certain that you aren’t likely to retrieve your phone. 

If you are trying to locate your phone with

Find My Device and it doesn’t seem to be working, the most likely

cause is that your phone is not currently connected to Wi-Fi or an available network.

In this case, it’s important to keep trying; the moment your phone does make that connection, it will appear on the map.

For a more detailed exlainer on how Find My Device works, hit the link below:

Find My Device: Everything you need to know!

If you want to download a tracking app for fear of a missing phone crisis, there are a number of options to choose from, and we’re highlighting some choice picks for you further below.

But first, let’s see how you can find your phone inside your house via Google Home.

Locate your phone in your house using Google Home

Source: Android Central

It’s embarrassingly easy to lose your phone by putting it down somewhere in your house and forgetting where you left it.

This can be frustrating if it’s time to leave for work or some other appointment and you’re frantically scrambling around your home looking for it.

If you own a Google Home speaker, you can use Google Assistant to help find your phone.

Your Android phone must be logged into the same

Google account as your Google Home speaker, you must have linked your Google account and voice to your Google Home via the Home app,

and your phone must be turned on and

connected to the internet either via mobile data or Wi-Fi.

You will also need to have Find My Device turned on, which you should absolutely activate for any Android phone you’re using.

As long as your phone is still on and connected to the Internet, all you need to do is say, “Ok Google, find my phone,”

and Google will confirm which device you want to find and then turn the ringer on — even if you have your phone set to silent.

With Google Home’s multi-user support,

everyone in your home can use Google Home to find their phones if they’re lost as long as they’ve linked their

Google Accounts to Google Home using Voice Match.

Find your phone with third-party apps

While Google’s built-in option is definitely your best bet, there are some third-party options you might want to consider.

We’ve broken down the best third-party apps for finding your phone below.

Life360 Family Locator

Source: Life360

The Family Locator app by Life360 is essentially a GPS tracker for phones but is especially useful for families with multiple phones in use.

Your family members become a “Circle”, the app’s name for a closed group of people who consent to have their phones tracked in real time.

Your family members will appear on live maps

within the app as little icons so that you can see where everyone is at any given moment.

The app also allows you to chat with people in your Circle or broadcast a meeting time and location.

And, of course, if a phone from within your

Circle is ever lost or stolen, the app will track it on the map.

Download: Family Locator (Free with in-app purchases)

Prey Anti Theft

Source: Prey Inc

The Prey Anti Theft app is impressive in that three

different devices can be protected through one download.

You’ll have the ability to sound an alarm from your missing phone, take screenshots if it’s in use, and lock down the device the moment you realize it’s missing.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it will walk you through a series of tutorials to show you how to use your Prey Account to track your phone. The app itself is free and doesn’t require additional purchases in order to access the high-end features.

Download: Prey Anti Theft (Free)

Lost Android

Source: Theis Borg

Lost Android will allow you to have remote access to your missing phone via their website.

Here, you’ll be able to erase sensitive information if you

fear that your phone may never be returned,

or send messages to your phone in the hopes of someone finding and returning it.

Additionally, you can choose to remotely forward any calls you may be missing to another number and record a running list of any calls or messages made or photos taken with your phone.

Download: Lost Android (Free with in-app purchases)

Where’s My Droid

Source: Alienman Technologies

The basic features of the Where’s My Droid app allow you to ring your phone if you misplace it,

locate it via GPS on Google Maps, and use a passcode to prevent unauthorized changes to apps on your

Android phone.

Stealth Mode also prevents anyone who finds your phone from seeing your incoming text messages;

instead, they’ll see a customizable attention word that alerts them of the phone’s lost or stolen status.

The Pro version of the app, which you pay to use, lets you remotely wipe data from your phone, use a landline to access your phone, and remotely lock the device.

Because Google has removed some of the core SMS features that the developers used, we’ll be linking directly to the Where’s My Droid website where you can download a legacy version of the app that still works as advertised.

Download: Where’s My Droid (Free with in-app purchases)

Google is your best solution

Google’s phone location tools are your best bet —

as long as you’ve gone through the process of setting things up ahead of time.

Really, this should be something you set up on any

device you care about or that will have sensitive data stored on it,

especially with how easy Google has made it to locate your device should you lose it.

Of course, one of the benefits of Android is having the freedom to customize your experience as you see fit.

If for whatever reason Google’s offering just doesn’t cut it for you,

you should consider the third-party options we’ve highlighted above, as they include some clever features that

might give you some added peace of mind if your device goes missing.

If all else fails, block your phone’s IMEI
If your phone is stolen or found and it’s then factory reset,

you will not be able to rely on any apps or services to find it;

a factory reset will wipe out any of the

original data, accounts, or passwords that

are needed to remotely find your Android phone.

Then you’ll have to use the nuclear option of blocking it with its IMEI number.

Doing so will at least make sure that no

one else will be able to register the phone on cell networks.

You should contact the police as soon as possible once your phone goes missing, and furnish its IMEI number.

You’ll also need to do the same with your

carrier or service provider, and it will be added to a blacklist.

There are services like Stolen Phone Checker 

in the U.S. and Device Check in Canada that let you key in an

IMEI and see if that particular device

has been reported as lost or stolen.

There’s also IMEI24, which has a global database.

As always, exercise caution when retrieving a lost or stolen phone.

If you have any worries about your phone being lost or stolen,

it’s best to set up and test your preferred tracking system as soon as you buy it and contact the police.

It can be a bit of extra front-end work to register some apps, but it will be more work trying to locate a missing phone if no safety nets are in place at all.


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