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How to lock the android phone remotely

Find, lock, or erase a misplaced Android tool
If you lose an Android cellphone or tablet or Wear OS watch, you can locate, lock, or erase it. If you’ve delivered a Google Account for your tool, Find My Device is mechanically turned on. Learn how to make sure that your device may be discovered if it receives lost.

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How to lock the android phone remotely

To find, lock, or erase an Android telephone, that smartphone must:

Be grew to become on
Be signed in to a Google Account
Be linked to mobile information or Wi-Fi
Be visible on Google Play
Have Location turned on
Have Find My Device became on

If you used your lost telephone for 2-step verification, you need to have a backup cellphone or backup code.
Remotely locate, lock, or erase
Go to android.Com/discover and sign in for your Google Account.

If you have got multiple phone, click the misplaced phone at the top of the display screen.
If your lost phone has multiple person profile, register with a Google Account that’s on the principle profile. Learn approximately person profiles.

The lost cellphone receives a notification.
On the map, you’ll get data about where the smartphone is.
The place is approximate and won’t be accurate.
If your cellphone can’t be discovered, you’ll see its closing known location, if available.
Pick what you want to do. If needed, first click on Enable lock & erase.
Play sound: Rings your cellphone at full quantity for five mins, although it’s set to silent or vibrate.

Secure device: Locks your smartphone together with your PIN, pattern, or password. If you don’t have a lock, you may set one. To help someone go back your phone to you, you may upload a message or phone quantity to the lock display screen.

Erase tool: Permanently deletes all statistics for your phone (but may not delete SD cards).

After you erase, Find My Device won’t work at the phone.
Important: If you locate your telephone after erasing, you’ll likely want your Google Account password to apply it again. Learn approximately tool protection.
Tip: If you’ve connected your cellphone to Google, you can find or ring it with the aid of looking to discover my phone on google.Com.
Find with an app
On some other Android telephone or pill, open the Find My Device app.

If the different device doesn’t but have the app, get it on Google Play.

Sign in.
If your device is lost, faucet Continue as [your name].
If you’re supporting a friend, tap Sign in as a visitor and permit your friend register.
Follow the same steps as indexed above. Continue to steps.
Find together with your Wear OS watch
If you lose your phone or tablet that’s connected to a Wear OS by using Google smartwatch, you may be capable of locate it with your watch. Learn how to locate your telephone along with your watch.
How to Lock Your Android Phone Remotely?
Did you realize that $30 billion worth of smartphones is lost inside the United States every year? Every different day, someone posts on Facebook that they have got misplaced their smartphone and they need their friends to send their contact numbers.
Bars and nightclubs aren’t the pinnacle locations where humans lose their phones. They lose them at espresso houses, churches, and pizza places. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are amongst the pinnacle festive occasions to maintain a near eye for your phones.

Lock your smartphone with Android Device Manager
android phone

Now if you have ever misplaced the cellphone, it should have been a nightmare. With all the personal records that our smartphones hold, it’s far difficult to imagine dropping them. What if a person successfully receives get right of entry to to your telephone and steals your personal records?

Sounds scary however it may happen.

You won’t get your smartphone back but fortunately, there is a manner to ensure that no thief or hacker receives into your cellphone.

Wiping off data is continually an option but did you know you could additionally lock your Android phone from a remote vicinity in case it’s miles lost?

We are here to discuss ways through which you could lock your Android phone from a remote vicinity. Let’s have a look:

Option 1: Lock your smartphone with Android Device Manager

The standard manner of locking the ANDROID device is what all of us know. It is provided with the aid of the Android Device Manager. To use this feature, you ought to have the settings grew to become ON.
These steps give an explanation for how you turn on the settings:
Go to ‘Settings’ from your telephone
Choose ‘Security and Screen lock’
Then pick out the ‘Android Device Manager’ or ‘Find My Device’.

If you are not going for walks the latest model of Android, then pick ‘Device Administrators’.

Make certain that the Android Device Manager Box is checked
This will let you remotely locate your telephone through GPS.

In case you lose or misplace your phone, simply visit google.Com/android/devicemanager and you may be capable of locating the area of your smartphone.

If it isn’t always at home, then you may lock it remotely.

To accurately use this function, your smartphone must be connected to the internet, your area must grow to become on, you have to be signed into the Google account, and Find My Device must grow to become on.

Option 2: Look your Phone with SPY24

Another way to fasten an Android Phone remotely is when you have SPY24 established to your device.

It is certainly one of the pleasant Android monitoring apps that are supposed to hold tabs on your device from a remote location.

You must first subscribe to the app after which installation it to your phone. The manner for installing SPY24 on the target device is simple.

Once you are performed with that, then just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit and enter your login credentials.

Step 2: Choose SPY24 for Android and you may be taken to the app’s dashboard from wherein you could manipulate the smartphone.

Step 3: There will be a menu to your left.

From there, select ‘Remote Control’, and a display will open up to your proper side.

Step 4: Click on ‘Lock Phone’ and a window will pop up. It will look some thing like this:

Step 5: You should input a password after which click ‘Lock Phone’.

Now, you have got efficaciously locked your smartphone.

The lock won’t open till you manually enter the password.

The best stipulations for the usage of SPY24 to lock your tool is that it have to be connected to the net and its vicinity must be became on.

Other Ways to Protect Your Android

The whole idea of remotely locking your Android cellphone is to make certain no person can access your smartphone or its information. There are different ways you can complement the safety of your cellphone. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Set your device to require a passcode right now after putting it to sleep
    Even if your device commonly sits at home, it shouldn’t be with out a passcode.
  2. Ideally, your cellphone should no longer be reachable with out a passcode after 5 minutes of remaining idle. You can always pick the time according to your preferences. To set the passcode, follow the stairs below:
  3. Go to the “Settings” of your Android telephone.
  4. Select “Security” and then select “Automatically Lock.”
  5. You may be requested to set the time.
  6. It may be anywhere from 30 minutes to without delay.
    Now with the introduction of newer ways to secure your tool, like thru fingerprint scanning and facial recognition, it’s no longer a cumbersome task to setup security protocols for your tool. If all and sundry of you doesn’t like retaining passcodes, they can usually transfer to a device that includes fingerprint or facial scanning.
  7. Put your name and make contact with data on the lock display screen
    Apart from the usage of Android Device Manager to lock your tool, you can additionally flash a rescue message at the lock display screen of your phone.
  8. If a person reveals your handset, they might try to attain out to you to return it.
    But if you have lost your Android cellphone and it’s far in plane mode or out of wireless range, you won’t be capable of use this option. What you may do is upload a message to the lock display of your device when you have it.
  9. This message ought to encompass your name, cellphone range, or e mail address.
    Here is how you may do that:
  10. Go to the “Settings” of your cellphone.
  11. Select “Security” and then “Owner Info.”
  12. Now input the text message you need to be displayed.
    This characteristic works on all Android Lollipop and better versions. In case you have a pre-Lollipop model, you’ll have to check the field next to “Show Owner Info” on the lock screen.
  13. Encrypt your statistics
    If you are the usage of the modern day Android OS, the information on your device is probably already encrypted.
  14. However, the older versions of Android telephones do no longer have encryption turned on by default.
    You can constantly turn it on however it could an hour to numerous hours before all of the facts for your tool is absolutely encrypted. Remember, you won’t be capable of using your telephone all through that time.
  15. During this process, you may need to hold your telephone plugged into its charger.
  16. The benefit of this approach is that the data for your tool will continue to be indecipherable until it is unlocked along with your passcode.
  17. Hide notifications from the lock screen
    Lock display screen notifications are truly an easy manner to test your text messages, calendar activities, or any different issue going on your cellphone while not having to unlock it.
  18. So, if your device is misplaced and it is inside the arms of a stranger, they are able to take a peek of your virtual life.
    But you may prevent that from happening by using hiding the notifications from the lock screen.
  19. Follow these steps to do that:
  20. Go to the “Settings” of your tool.
  21. Tap on “Sounds and Notifications.”
  22. The faucet on “When Device Is Locked setting.”
  23. From there, you will have 3 different alternatives to pick out from – Show all notification content, hide touchy notification content, and don’t display notifications at all.
    Pick whatever option you want to make sure no one gets a peak of your records from the notification panel.

Summing Up

  1. Life may be unpredictable.
  2. Even if you are a careful person, you could nevertheless lose your device.
  3. Make certain you decorate its protection while you already have it with the options mentioned above.

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