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How to Recover a Forgotten Outlook Password

The article intends to explain the procedure of retrieving a lost or forgotten Outlook email password. The method described here is simple and correct until date. It is, however, recommended that users follow the instructions accurately to stay problems away. It will also save them time that would if not be spent searching extensively for Microsoft Outlook Support.

No human is a machine that can remember and recollect the pieces of information fed into it. Since we understand that losing password is quite a common problem and can occur anytime, we have brought you a comprehensive guide that will help you recover or reset your password on your own. This essentially means you don’t need to contact Microsoft technical support for help.


It is not possible to recover the password of your Outlook-setup email manually. You can either have your password reset or recover it using a password recovery tool. See below:

How to Recover Password:

Download and run a free or paid password recovery tool from a trusted website. Save the file to your desktop. When done, double click on the file and run as an administrator (you may need admin rights to run this file). Wait until the program searches through the Windows and brings up your password. It may take less than a minute or some more time to recover your password. You can choose from a wide range of available tools like Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Password, Mail PassView, Outlook Email Password Recovery v., Outlook Password Restoration Tool v., and Outlook Password 1.4 among others.

How to Reset Password:

Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) whose email account you have setup in Microsoft Outlook. Once you have got your new password, open Outlook. Click on the Tools tab at the top and select Account Settings from the dropdown menu.

In the Account Settings dialog box, highlight the E-mail tab and then double click on your account. It will open up the Personal Folders window. If it doesn’t open this box, then highlight the Data Files tab and look for your email account name.

Click on the Change Password button and type your password that you just got from your ISP in the Old Password box, enter a new password of your choice in the New Password box, and retype it in the desired box. Click on the OK button to exit the Change Password box. Click on the Apply and then OK button to exit the Personal Folders window. Click on Close to exit the Account Settings window.

Instead of putting another password, you can simply update your Outlook with the password provided by your ISP. For that you would be required to go to the Internet E-mail Settings. Click on the Tools tab and go to Account Settings. Double click on your email account name under the Email or Data Files tab. Scroll down to the Logon Information heading, erase the already keyed in password, and put in the password that you got from your ISP. Click to check the box Remember Password. Click on the More Settings button and make desired changes. Click on the OK button to return to the previous window. Review all your settings and then click on Test Account Settings button to test them. When done, click on the Next button and then Finish.

Additional Tips:

It is always good to keep the password written on a piece of paper or in a Windows Notepad or WordPad and saved for situations like these. Keep the piece of paper to a safe and dry place for future purposes.

Source by Kumar Gandharva Jha

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