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How To Spy On Text Messages Basic Monitoring

Spy on text messages This powerful phone app is created to spy on text messages and thus allows you to view all the information received and sent by the device user Besides the possibility of tracking the text messages, SPY24 app tracks and records calls, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, SMS, web history and GPS location

how to record browsing history secretly tracking Free

  • Spy on text messages free
  • How to spy on chat messages
  • Access all their chat text messages and SMS online

If you have ever wondered how to spy on text messages while looking at

your children or employees who are constantly typing something on their

phones, but you didn’t know what to do, now you have a solution.

With the help of this app, you can stop worrying about your children and

their online presence because you know that you can guide them in the

right direction, but it can only be achieved when you’re aware of what they do.

Top 10 Apps to Spy on Text Messages
Top 10 Apps to Spy on Text Messages

What are the functions of this app?

  • Spy on text messages regardless of whether they were sent or received by the user.
  • Read the messages received and sent using WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber.
  • View calls information, including time, date, duration of the call, and contact name.
  • Get access to phone book information, including contact names, phone numbers, and any additional information, such as occupation or email address.
  • View entire browser activity and see when and how often the device user visited certain websites.
  • Get a picture every time a user unlocks the phone to see who is actually using it at any given moment.
  • Track location of the Android device user.
  • Receive a notification every time a user changes the SIM card to a different one.
  • Remain in the invisible mode so that the user is completely unaware
  • of the presence of this free text message spy even if the device is unrooted.

As you can see, this software gives you a chance to do so much more than just spy on text messages.

Free SPY24 account allows you to track up to five devices, so if you have

more than one kid or need to use it to track the activity of your employees,

then this spy software is perfect for you.

The combination of all these functions is definitely sufficient when you

want to know as many details as possible because they cover every aspect of the users’ activity.

How To Spy On Text Messages Basic Monitoring

Spying on WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messages now possible with SPY24

While text messages are still incredibly popular among users, people who

are used to sending dozens of messages a day prefer more convenient ways

of communicating, including WhatsApp and Facebook chats.

Such tendency is especially noticeable among younger people who spend

hours browsing through social networking sites, so being able to view these

messages is extremely valuable.

Fortunately, with the help of this text message spy, you can see which messages were received and sent using the mentioned apps.

Besides text information, you can view the pictures, videos, and audio files that may be attached to the message.

Such opportunity is especially great if you’re using this tracking software to protect your kids becausethe online world is not the safest place for young children.

The parenting of children in the 21st century requires more innovative

approaches and using the SPY24 app to spy on text messages of your kids is

definitely the best way to make sure they don’t get in trouble or ignore their education altogether.

Installation – quick and trouble-free

You don’t need to do anything special or be a computer genius to install this text message spy app on the user’s device, and the entire process takes up minimum time. The three steps to successful installation include:

  • Creating a free online account
  • Downloading and installing an app from your account on the target device
  • Viewing all the tracked information remotely from the account

Thanks to the fact that all the information is sent to your online account,

you’re able to access it from any device that has the Internet connection,

which is especially convenient when you’re always running errands or travel.

Unless the users know exactly where to look, you have nothing to worry about because it’s impossible to notice that the app has been installed on their devices.

During this spy app installation, you can choose to enable or disable specific functions depending on what your goal is.

How can this spy app become useful to you?

We live in the world where online activity has become such a huge part of how we communicate with one another that it is quite difficult to remember how we interacted before the occurrence of all the social networking website and apps.

While there are a lot of benefits that come with an easy access to the Internet, it can be quite difficult to ensure proper protection of your children in this digital age.

In such a way, using this free text message spy is not something that should be viewed as the last resort, but rather as a preventive tool.

Constant texting and playing on the phone can affect the education of your kids as they are constantly distracted and can’t properly focus on their studies. Once you install the SPY24 software, it’s possible for you to view which websites are opened by your child and whether they stumble upon any images or information that is inappropriate for their age.

Also, children can be quite secretive when it comes to their problems with friends or incidents of online bullying, but the app gives you an opportunity to know when something goes wrong.

Moreover, some children are naïve and can engage in communications with strangers, which can be extremely dangerous.

When we talk about your staff members, the issue is that the majority of working hours can easily be wasted playing games on the phone or chatting with friends online.

Obviously, you can’t stand over your employees and control every move that they make, which makes it difficult for you to know when they ignore their job responsibilities.

It may seem insignificant to some people, but it has a very negative impact on the level of productivity at work, and you will definitely notice the improvements once such distraction is eliminated.

A lot of employees spend at least several hours secretly reading their favorite websites or watching videos online, and even when they’re done, the level of concentration is still not at the level it should be.

When you know how to spy on text messages and monitor the activity of your employees, it’s no longer a problem that can affect your company’s success.

Top 10 Text Messages Spying Apps For 2020

Spying apps are a boon for the concerned present generation.

Whatever information it is, you can get from another device without having to touch it. Sound’s cool, right?

If you are looking for a spying app to read someone’s text messages, then you have come to the right place.

This review will serve as a guide for all those looking forward to invest their money in the right vendor.

Since lots of text message spying apps are already out there, we have chosen the 10 best ones and summarized them for you on the basis of price, features, and compatibility.

Let’s begin, shall we?

24 Android Tracking App Gps 2020
24 Android Tracking App Gps 2020

1. SPY24

SPY24 is our top choice in the text message spying apps category. It’s pretty user-friendly and comes with basic and advanced spying features.

With SPY24, you can remotely track all sent and received text messages on both Android and iOS.

You can check the name and number of the sender and also view the time and date stamps.

SPY24 allows a user to watchlist certain words and get alerts whenever those words are used in the text message conversations.

This saves you from the trouble of going through all the long text messages.

The best thing about SPY24 is that it lets you view even the conversations deleted by the target user.

The deleted messages will still be in SPY24’s control panel as long as a backup was created.

More features

Here are some other features of SPY24 that deserve your attention:

  • Monitor phone calls and messages
  • Track GPS location
  • Read emails and check online activities
  • Record phone calls and surroundings
  • Access instant messenger chats
  • Remotely control the device
  • View photos, videos, and calendar entries
  • Set alerts


SPY24 is compatible with both Android and iOS as aforementioned. It also has two versions for iPhone i.e.

Jailbreak and No Jailbreak. Here is a compatibility chart for that:


SPY24 has two editions: The Basic edition costs $8.33 a month and the Premium edition that costs $12.49 a month.

Apart from the monthly subscription plan, quarterly and annual subscriptions are also available.

Rating: 9/10

Live Demo

Buy Now

  • Android
  • iPhone

2. TrackMyFone

TrackMyFone is another great text message spying app for Android and iOS.

You can read all the sent and received messages remotely from an online control panel without touching the device.

Other than this, you can also view their names and contact numbers.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of reading all the text messages,

then you can set alerts on certain words or even contacts to get notified.

More features

Have a look at the features of TrackMyFone:

  • Call monitoring
  • Text message monitoring
  • View photos
  • Add watchlist alerts
  • View internet history
  • Track location and apply geo-fencing
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and Line chats monitoring


TrackMyFone is compatible with both Android and iPhone (no jailbreak).

Check the compatibility chart below to see if it supports your device:


TrackMyFone has two versions: The Android Premium version that costs $5.83 a month and the iPhone No Jailbreak version that costs $6.25 a month. 3 months and 12 months subscriptions are also available.

Rating: 8.5/10

3. Spyzie

Spyzie allows you to view a complete record of all the sent and received messages along with the name of the sender.

You can also download the attachments sent along the text messages on your phone.

Spyzie has a cool feature that allows you to analyze the message history of the target device too.

With that, you can instantly judge who the most important contact is from the frequency of their messages.

More Features

Have a look at other features of Spyzie:

  • Track text messages
  • Browse contacts
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor WhatsApp
  • Access calendar
  • Preview videos
  • Check browser history
  • View installed apps
  • Read notes and reminders


Spyzie is compatible with Android and iPhone (no rooting and jailbreak required). Here is a compatibility chart for Spyzie:


The Android version of Spyzie has two editions: The Ultimate Edition and the Premium Edition. The price of the Premium edition is $29.99 a month. The price of Ultimate Edition is $39.99 a month.

Both these editions are available in one month, three months, and one-year licenses.

The iPhone edition costs $39.99 a month and is available in a one-month license only.

Rating: 8.3/10

4. mSpy

mSpy is a text-message spying app designed for concerned parents who want to keep their kids safe from the dangers of the online world. With this app, you can monitor someone’s incoming and outgoing messages remotely.

Along with the text messages, you can also view the sender’s information and time and date stamps with the messages.

Top 10 Text Messages Spying Apps For 2020

More Features

Have a look at the other features of mSpy:

  • Monitor call logs
  • Check texts
  • Track location
  • View photos and videos
  • Monitor internet usage
  • View chats on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger


mSpy is compatible with Android and iPhone. It has separate versions for iPhone jailbreak and iPhone without jailbreak. Here is a compatibility chart for mSpy:


mSpy has three bundles. The first one is the Basic Bundle that costs $29.99 per month. The second one is the Premium bundle that costs $16.66 a month and it’s the most popular bundle. The third one is the no-jailbreak bundle that costs $39.99 a month. The basic bundle is only available on monthly subscriptions. Premium and no-jailbreak bundles are available in 1-month, 3-month and 12-month subscription.

Rating: 8/10

5. SpyEra

SpyEra was originally created as a text message spying app but later on, more features were added to help parents and employers keep tabs on the activities of another person.

Its control panel provides with you all the captured data from text messages in a single report. SpyEra captures sent and received text messages along with the ones that have been deleted.

You can check details such as contact name, the phone number associated with the message, and also its date and time.

More Features

Apart from letting you spy on text messages, here are some other features supported by SpyEra:

  • Spy on social media chats
  • View media files
  • Monitor emails
  • Use spy camera to capture pictures remotely
  • Track GPS location
  • Spy on emails



SpyEra is available in the subscription of $32 a month for Android devices and iPhones.

Rating: 7.8/10

6. Blurspy

Blurspy is another powerful spy app that allows you to track someone’s mobile activities without letting them know.

It gives you real-time access to the data on the monitored device. Blurspy’s text message tracker lets you read all the messages that have been sent or received on the device along with the date and time details. Through your web-based control panel, you can read all these messages anytime.

It notifies you whenever the target device receives a text.

Also, you can download all these messages in an excel file.

More Features

  • Have a look at the other features of Blurspy:
  • Record calls, surrounding, and live screen
  • Block unknown, incoming calls
  • Take camera snapshots
  • Track device location
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Snapchat


Blurspy is compatible with Android and iOS. Check the compatibility chart below for more details:


Blurspy is available in 3 packages; Lite that costs $19.9 a month, Premier that costs $36.99 a month and Family (4 devices) that costs $199.99 a year.

Rating: 7.5/10

7. MobiStealth

MobiStealth is the spying app designed to empower parents and employees looking for answers or trying to keep their kids or company’s information safe. It allows you to read all the incoming and outgoing text messages on an Android or iOS device. You simply have to install it on the target device and let it do the spying. The text message spying feature in the MobiStealth is designed to provide you with the relevant data you need to stay informed and in control of what’s going on in the life of your child or the work life of your employees.

More features

Here are the features of MobiStealth:

  • Monitor texts and calls
  • Monitor social media chats
  • Monitor web browsing
  • Track location
  • Monitor emails
  • Keylogging and screenshots
  • Monitor pictures
  • Record calls
  • Check emails


MobiStealth is compatible with Android and iPhone (no jailbreak required). Check the compatibility chart below for more details:


Mobile stealth has 2 versions for Android; Pro-X and PRO. The former costs $69.99 a month and the latter costs $59.99 a month. Premium Plus is meant for iPhone and it costs $69.99 a month. There is a PC and a MAC version too.

Rating: 7.3/10

8. GuestSpy

In case you think your child or employee is abusing their texts or internet privileges then GuestSpy could be another app that you could give a try.

GuestSpy lets you track all the sent and received messages on the target device.

You can also view the deleted messages from the control panel.

Along with that, the sender’s name and contact number can also be accessed.

You can also get the time and date stamps of each message.

More Features

Here are some other features of GuestSpy that make it our 10 top pick:

  • Manage calls
  • Track text messages
  • Track GPS location
  • Monitor internet use
  • Access calendar and address book
  • Read instant messages on Skype, Line, Kik, Facebook, Viber, BBM, and Hangouts
  • View multimedia files
  • Remote control
  • Cell Phone Monitoring Taken One Step Further with


GuestSpy is compatible with Android and iPhone (jailbreak is required). Check the compatibility chart here:


GuestSpy is available in three plans. The standard plan costs $20.99; the premium plan costs $24.99 and the Gold plan costs $28.99. one-month, three-month, six-month and 12-month subscriptions are available.

Rating: 7/10

9. TheTruthSpy

As the name suggests, TheTruthSpy is a mobile spying app that can let you keep tabs on another phone without touching it and get to the truth of everything.

Its text message tracker lets the user spy on the incoming and outgoing text messages on Android and iMessages on iPhone.

You can also get the name of the person, contact number and check the date and time stamps.

More features

Here are some other features of TheTruthSpy:

  • GPS tracking
  • Call monitoring
  • Remote control
  • Keylogger
  • Record app usage
  • Monitor internet activities
  • Text message Tracking
  • Set alerts and notifications
  • View notes content
  • View multimedia files
  • Read contact history


TheTruthSpy is compatible with Android and iPhone (jailbreak is required). Check the compatibility chart here:


TheTruthSpy is available in 3 plans. The Standard Plan costs $21.99 a month; the Premium Plan costs $25.99 a month, and the Gold Plan costs $30.99 a month. One-month, three-month, six-month and 12-month subscriptions are available.

Rating: 6.9/10

10. SurePoint Spy

SurePoint Spy is a remote cellphone tracking software that also lets you spy on someone’s text messages.

You can use this app for monitoring your teen, employees, and even other family members. You can view text messages on Android and iMessages on Phone. Along with reading all the incoming and outgoing text messages, you can check the time and date stamps plus the contact name and number.

More features

Here are some other features of SurePoint Spy that makes it our 10 top picks:

  • Track texts and iMessages
  • GPS tracking
  • Monitor social media
  • Browser history, videos, and photos
  • Access contact information
  • Monitor and record emails
  • Remote camera
  • Real-time control panel


SurePoint spy is compatible with Android and iPhone;

however, a jailbreak is required to monitor iOS devices.

Check the compatibility chart here:


SurePoint Spy is available for a one-time fee of $69.99.

Rating: 6.8/10

Which Text Message Spying app to choose?

The decision is tough, I know, since most of the above-mentioned apps are offering pretty much the same features.

They let you check the sent and received messages, check time and date stamps and even view the contact names and numbers.

However, your decision should be based on not just the text spying feature, but also the compatibility, price, and support that an app offers.

Plus, if you have been looking for some additional features on the top of text spying, you should consider that too.

Keeping in view all these factors, our top pick is SPY24. Let me explain why:


SPY24 is a highly compatible app. It supports Android Oreo and iPhone 11.4 and you don’t have to root or jailbreak your device for using its text message spying feature.

None of the other apps mentioned above compatible with the latest operating systems so this makes SPY24 score its first point.

Text message spying vs. Price

You will have the ability to track someone’s text messages by simply subscribing to the Basic Edition of SPY24 that costs $8.33 a month.

Yes, if your priority is only to spy on text messages, then you don’t have to subscribe to its Premium Edition.

You must be wondering isn’t SurePoint Spy cheaper since you have to pay a one-time fee only?

It is cheaper but it is not compatible with the latest OS; plus, it requires jailbreaking an iPhone.

Customer Support

SPY24 has an exceptional customer support. They have 24/7 live chat support to help with all your queries and concerns.

Other than this, you will find valuable information in the form of how-to guides and video tutorials.

You can also use SPY24’s live demo version to check its user interface and experience how to monitor text messages on Android or iOS device.

Price and other features

Whether you choose the Basic version or the Premium version of SPY24,

you will be getting more than just one feature, which makes it a perfect spying app for someone who has a limited budget.

Messages Spying Apps
Messages Spying Apps

Features of SPY24 at a glance

Here are other features of SPY24 that make it a worthy spying app:

  • Monitor Phone calls and messages: You can view call logs, i.e. incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, text messages and even watchlist contacts.
  • All this information is available with time and date stamps.
  • Access instant messenger chats and multimedia: SPY24 supports social media tracking on Facebook messenger, iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Kik, Tinder, and Skype.
  • You can also view multimedia shared via these IMs.
  • Track GPS location: You can monitor the current location, specific locations, and track the location history of the target device.
  • SPY24 also supports geo-fencing and sends alerts on specific locations.
  • Read emails and monitor online activities: You can read emails, monitor bookmarks and view the web browsing history on the target phone.
  • SPY24 also shows you the Wi-Fi-network logs on the target device.
  • Record phone calls and surroundings:
  • You can record and listen to phone calls and listen to the phone’s surroundings from a remote location.
  • View photos, videos and calendar entries: SPY24 lets you view photos and watch videos downloaded to the phone’s gallery.
  • You can also access the phone’s calendar and to-do list.
  • Remotely control the target phone: SPY24 lets you lock the phone, remotely wipe device data, view installed apps list, block apps, take live screenshots and monitor keystrokes on certain apps via Keylogger.

What to look for when choosing a Text Message Spying app?

Whenever you are about to choose a text message spying app, go for the one that is the best value for your money.

Don’t rush into picking the first app that you come across, you must evaluate your options first. Don’t go for a cheap one or an expensive one either.

Consider the following factors when you shop for a text message spying app or any other spying app:

• Reliability

Pick the app that is reliable.

Never choose the one that creates a noticeable lag on the target phone.

It should send you all the data that you want to see whether its text messages, photos or call logs.

Unreliable apps typically impair the performance of the target phone or they force you to reinstall. You can never count on such apps for any kind of snooping.

Of course, it is hard to figure that out unless you actually use the app but to stay safe, look for the genuine customer reviews.

If the app has any complications, you will get to know about it.

• Stealth

Since you want to keep tabs on another person, the text spying app must work in stealth mode.

Look for those apps that are 100 percent undetectable. The ones that are hidden under code names can be easily spotted by the owner of the phone. You must choose such an app that has a proven track record of stealth monitoring. It is imperative that the app you are using is designed and developed by experienced professionals.

• Features

When there are so many apps out there offering different features, a user who hasn’t done his homework can get overwhelmed.

Since you are looking for a text message spying app, your focus should be on the text message tracking feature in particular.

Make sure you don’t have to root or jailbreak the device for monitoring. After this, you can always check other features.

• User-interface

Do not pick a complicated app that offers extra features. What’s the point of buying an app that has the features you don’t even need?

Go for an app that is easy to use.

You can test the interface of the app by either signing up for a free trial or checking its live demo version.

Navigate the app and only invest in it if you are comfortable with the interface.

• Price

Price typically changes if you want more than just basic spying feature.

A good thing is that all basic versions of spying apps support text message spying so buying the basic version would just be fine.

In case you want advanced features too, then you can always buy the premium version.

• Support

Support matters big time.

If the features are great and the price is nominal too but the customer support is not good, then you are actually wasting money on that particular product.

How can you use an app effectively if there is no one from the customer support team available to hear your concerns or help you with a technical problem? Check if the app’s website has detailed instructions on installation and how-to guides on its features.

Also, make sure that you get 24/7 customer support.

Now that you know how to pick a text message spying app that best suits your needs and you also know which one we recommend, the ball is in your court.

Go ahead and buy the app that you can afford and that meets your spying needs the best.

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