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iOS 13 | iOS 13.5.1 Jailbreak 2020

iOS 13 Jailbreak has finally been released for all iOS devices. Below we have provided links and tutorials to jailbreak and download Cydia ( and Sileo ) appstore on your iOS devices running iOS 13.x.x.

CompatPlease check your iOS 13 version for compatibility with the below jailbreak tools.

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How to Jailbreak iOS 13:

Released by the Checkra1n team, the jailbreak is based on the checkm8 exploit and it works perfectly well on the latest 64-bit A5 to A11 devices. It is a semi-untethered jailbreak, which just means that you need to use your computer to reactivate it whenever your device is rebooted. And, right now, it only has support for MacOS with MS Windows support coming soon. The developers have said that future updates will bring support for other platforms though.

iOS 13 | iOS 13.5.1 Jailbreak 2020
iOS Jailbreak iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch – Apple TV
  • Unc0ver Jailbreak

Uncover Jailbreak

he following are the link to download the Unc0ver jailbreak app.

Direct Download Link 1

Direct Download Link 2

Direct Download Link 3

Direct Download Link 4

Direct Download Link 5

Direct Download Link 6

  • CheckRa1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n Jailbreak

Checkra1n Compatibility:

Latest Release

checkra1n 0.10.2 beta

 Download for macOS

This release is a beta preview and as such should not be installed on a primary devices

What’s new

Bug fixes

  • iOS/iPadOS 13.5 support.
  • Fix multiple issues with kernel patches that caused devices to not boot, most notably iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4.
  • Fix bootstrap upload not working if the device is locked.

Known issues

  • The Apple TV 4K will produce a -20 error, even on a successful jailbreak Other known issues are available on our issue tracker.
  • The exploit may not work as reliably on some devices, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3.
  • When trying to jailbreak multiple devices, only the first attempt will succeed. Workaround: relaunch checkra1n after every jailbreak attempt.

Unsupported platforms

This beta is only available for macOS and Linux. Work is ongoing to support Windows, which will be added in a later release.

Package managers

At the moment, checkra1n only supports installing Cydia. Support for other package managers is coming soon, and will not require a checkra1n update.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is checkra1n?
A: checkra1n is a community project to provide a high-quality semi-tethered jailbreak to all, based on the ‘checkm8’ bootrom exploit.

Q: How does it work?
A: Magic hax.

Q: Why was the beta release delayed?
A: We didn’t want the release quality to end up like iOS 13.2, you deserve better.

Q: wen eta?
A: bruh we’re past that.

Q: How do I use it?
A: Open the checkra1n app, and follow the instructions to put your device into DFU mode. Hax happens auto-magically from that point and the device will boot into jailbroken mode. If you reboot the device without checkra1n, it will revert to stock iOS, and you will not be able to use any 3rd party software installed until you enter DFU and checkra1n the device again.

Q: ugh, I don’t like GUI?
A: ok, you can use “./checkra1n.app/Contents/MacOS/checkra1n” from the console, or download a Linux CLI build.

Q: Is it safe to jailbreak? Can it harm my device / wipe my data?
A: We believe jailbreaking is safe and take precautions to avoid data loss. However, as with any software, bugs can happen and *no warranty is provided*. We do recommend you backup your device before running checkra1n.

Q: I have a problem or issue to report after jailbreaking.
A: Many problems and bootloops can be caused by buggy or incompatible tweaks. Remember many tweaks never saw iOS 13 in the pre-checkra1n era. If you suspect a recently installed tweak, you may attempt to enter no-substrate mode by holding vol-up during boot (starting with Apple logo until boot completes). If the issue goes away, a bad tweak is very likely the culprit, and you should contact the tweak developers.

Q: I have a problem or issue to report and I don’t think it’s related to a bad tweak.
A: Please check here and follow the bug report template.

Q: I lost my passcode. Can checkra1n decrypt my data or get access to a locked device?
A: No.

Q: Can I ssh into my device?
A: Yes! An SSH server is deployed on port 44 on localhost only. You can expose it on your local machine using iproxy via USB.

Q: I love the project! Can I donate?
A: Thanks, we love it too! The project does not currently take any donations. If anyone asks for donations, it’s a scam.

Q: Where are the sources? I want to write a dark-mode theme and publish the jailbreak as my own.
A: checkra1n is released in binary form only at this stage. We plan to open-source later in 2020.

Q: When is Windows support coming?
A: We need to write a kernel driver to support Windows (which is a very complex piece of code!) which will take time. Rest assured however, we are working hard on it.

Q: The checkra1n app doesn’t open inside the DMG!
A: Follow the instructions in the DMG file and drag the app to the Applications folder.

The jailbreak works on all iPhones and iPads on the following iOS versions:

  • iOS 13
  • iOS 13.1
  • iOS 13.1.1
  • iOS 13.1.2
  • iOS 13.1.3
  • iOS 13.2
  • iOS 13.2.1
  • iOS 13.2.2
  • iOS 13.2.3
  • iOS 13.3
  • iOS 13.3.1
  • iOS 13.5

Top Jailbreak Alternatives:

If your device is not covered by this latest jailbreak or you are not quite sure if you want to install it, there are alternatives available. These come in the form of third-party installers that provide tons of modified apps and games and some Cydia tweaks. Don’t expect them to replace Cydia – they are just to provide some content without having to jailbreak:

  • Cydia Alternatives

We’re not done yet

iOS 14 Jailbreak iPhone iPad
iOS 14 Jailbreak iPhone iPad

How to Delete Jailbreak:

If you do install the latest jailbreak on your iPhone or iPad and find that you need to delete it, don’t worry – it’s easy enough to do. Simple restore your device using iTunes, which will place you on the latest iOS firmware version or follow the steps below to delete it without affecting your iOS version:

  • How to Delete Cydia

And, finally

Frequently Asked Questions:

Cydia is not a new app; in fact, it came out before Apple released their own app store. If you have questions about it, check out the link below for more details:

  • Cydia FAQ
  • Bypass Jailbreak Detection

Over to you.

Are you going to try the checkra1n jailbreak?. Do tell us how you get on with it and we’ll keep this page updated with all the latest jailbreak news.

Stay Updated about iOS 13

Things to Know:

Be aware that it is a semi-untethered jailbreak tool, hence if you restart your device, you will have to re-jailbreak it. The installation process also requires you to use your Apple ID.

How to Install Unc0ver Jailbreak:

Now you can download Uncover Jailbreak using TopStore, CokerNutx ( image below ) or AppValley app. This requires no computer and could be done right on your iOS device.

Note: If some apps or games don’t work after jailbreaking, then you might have to install an anti-jailbreak detection app on your phone.

How to Install Unc0ver using AltStore:

Undecimus 5.2.0 .ipa

Undecimus 5.2.1 .ipa

  1. Download the Altstore app on your iPhone using the linked tutorial.
  2. Now download the Unc0ver IPA File from the link above and install it using AltStore app
  3. Unc0ver Jailbreak should be installed on your homescreen. Tap to launch and jailbreak your iPhone. 

How to Install Unc0ver using Cydia Impactor:

Download the latest version of Unc0ver jailbreak IPA from the download button below. Source: Pwn20wnd’s ( GitHub ) page.

Before you start, back up the data on your device using iTunes and ensure that you have sufficient battery to complete the jailbreak.

  1. Download Unc0ver jailbreak IPA onto your computer
  2. Download Cydia Impactor
  3. Open Cydia Impactor and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer
  4. Make sure it is detected; find the Uncover IPA File and drag it into Cydia Impactor
  5. Input your Apple ID and password and leave Cydia Impactor to its work; the Unc0ver file will be signed and loaded onto your device
  6. Once the process has finished, open your iOS Settings and go to General > Profiles 
  7. Find the app profile or that with your Apple ID and tap on it
  8. Tap Trust and check it changes to Delete
  9. Disable Siri and enable Airplane mode on your device
  10. Reboot and check that Airplane mode is still enabled and that Wi-Fi has been disabled
  11. Tap the Uncover icon on your homepage to continue the jailbreak process
  12. Tap Jailbreak and wait; your device will respring during the process 
  13. When it reboots for the last time, and you see Cydia on your home screen, the jailbreak has been successful
  14. Tap Cydia to start using it for all your jailbreak tweaks and apps.
  15. If the Cydia icon is not there, reboot, tap the Uncover icon and try again. Repeat until it is successful; it may take a couple of tries to work. Once successful, re-enable Siri and disable Airplane mode.

How to Install Unc0ver using 3UTools:

Download 3UTools

  1. On your Windows computer, download 3uTools from the link above.
  2. Open it and, if required, install any missing iTunes drivers
  3. Use the USB lightning cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer
  4. If asked, Trust the computer on your device
  5. From the app menu, click on Flash & JB
  6. Next, click the Jailbreak tab and choose iOS 11.4 – iOS 12.4 from the options
  7. Click on the Jailbreak button and wait; Unc0ver will be installed.
  8. Before you use it, open your iOS settings app
  9. Tap General > Profiles & Device Management and find the app profile
  10. Trust it and close Settings – Unc0ver jailbreak is ready for use.

Alternative Jailbreak Apps:

Here is a couple of jailbreaking options for those who want to try a different jailbreak app.

  • Checkra1n Jailbreak  ( for iOS 13 )

Checkra1n is a Mac Only app for jailbreaking iOS 13 devices. You can download Checkra1n from the linked page below.

Checkra1n Jailbreak

  • Chimera Jailbreak ( for iOS 12 )

There is a new iOS 12 Jailbreak for iPhone and iPad. It is called Chimera, and it’s developed by none other than CoolStar who also created the much famous Electra jailbreak. Chimera directly installs Sileo AppStore when you jailbreak your device.

Chimera  Jailbreak

How to Delete Uncover Jailbreak:

If you ever need to delete the Unc0ver jailbreak app from your device, then it is very easy to do. Check out the link below for details:

  • Delete Cydia

Are you going to give Unc0ver jailbreak a go? Let us know what you think and follow us on Facebook for more jailbreak news and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Unc0ver Jailbreak?

Unc0ver Jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak for iOS devices that allows you to install unofficial tweaks and apps that are not allowed by Apple.

  • Is Unc0ver Jailbreak Safe?

Jailbreaking with Unc0ver is safe. It has been a reliable jailbreak for many years and is backed up with the expertise of over a dozen iOS developers who have fine-tuned it for optimal performance.

  • Is Unc0ver Jailbreak Untethered?

Uncover is a semi-untethered jailbreak, whenever you reboot your device. Uncover jailbreak will need to be reactivated. To do that, just tap the Unc0ver icon and let the jailbreak reactivate. If you used a regular free Apple ID to sideload Uncover onto your device, the jailbreak expires after one week. You will need to reinstall it using Cydia Impactor.

  • Can you jailbreak without a computer?

Yes, you can use the Unc0ver app to jailbreak your device without using a computer.

  • Is jailbreaking permanent?

No, jailbreaking is not permanent. If you update your device, the jailbreak is removed from your device.

  • Should I jailbreak my device?

Yes, the best reason to jailbreak your device is to get thousands of apps and tweaks, which are unavailable in the Apple appstore.

Yes, according to the Terms of Service of Apple, jailbreaking a device voids the device warranty. However, the good part is, a jailbreak is not permanent. You can reset your device, and the previous jailbreak will be undetectable. Then you can carry your device to the Apple store for repairs.

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