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Should you spy on your spouse?

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A good spouse tracker app can be a great help to you in many situations, and not all of them have to do with determining if your other half is cheating on you.

How To Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing?spying

Top-quality solutions, like the Spy Phone App, are extremely versatile and can help save both your marriage and life in some cases.

Why Everyone Needs a Spouse Spy App on Their Smartphone

Should you spy on your spouse?
Should you spy on your spouse?

The most important reason to install a spouse tracking application is to ensure that you can always know where exactly your wife or husband is and even find out what they are doing.

The other most common reason why married couples use this kind of software is to ensure their partners aren’t cheating on them.

Unfortunately, infidelity is an extremely common problem. Note that according to statistics, 70% of women and 54% of men aren’t aware that their spouses are unfaithful. However, over 25% of married people admit to having an extramarital affair. In the light of these numbers, the Spy Phone App can really make a difference for your marriage as spying on a spouse would allow you to make sure they aren’t lying to your face.

Another reason to install a spouse tracker is to put your partner’s mind at ease and prove that you have no intention of being unfaithful. This could be a great solution for couples who have some type of trust issues, which may be caused by negative past experiences.

In this case, the spouse tracker isn’t as much a spy program as it is an insurance that serves to show your complete honesty with each other.

Efficient Spouse Spy with Multiple Features
Efficient Spouse Spy with Multiple Features

Download Spy phone app – Android version

Spy Phone App: Efficient Spouse Spy with Multiple Features

If you really want to make the best use of a spouse tracking app, you need to understand what this solution is truly capable of. Spy Phone App can:

• Track and record calls.
This spouse spy allows you to not only know whom your partner is has been talking to and for how long, but also record actual conversations. Note that this feature is helpful not only as a lookout for potential romances but also for catching any occasions of harassment.

• Monitoring messages.
Spy Phone App would report and provide you with a copy of the text for any SMS and MMS messages sent from the target smartphone. This also includes any file attachments to MMS. The program can also track logs of some most popular social media apps, such as Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc. Note that this spouse tracker does NOT require ROOT access for this feature to work. We recommend Whatsapp Spy, Facebook Spy, Snapchat Spy.

• Monitoring browser activity.
Spy Phone App tracks browser logs as well as enables you to block access to specific pages. This feature makes the program useful for the whole family as it can ensure your kids don’t go wandering through unsavory websites.

• Tracking GPS.
The program is a real spouse tracker as it will report a detailed GPS log that shows where exactly the phone owner is or has been.

This can be helpful when you or your spouse are on a trip.

This is a great security feature that can even help find your gadget if it’s stolen or lost.

Spy Phone App offers a variety of other helpful features, such as monitoring applications and system activities, making copies of pictures, and even recording the surroundings remotely.

However, you must remember that, like any other spouse spy app, it’s not untraceable.

This means that your spouse would know the program is installed on their gadget.

More importantly, it’s illegal to use any type of tracking software without the phone owner’s explicit permission. You must research the laws in your region and comply with all local regulations if you want to put this program on your wife or husband’s smartphone.

Download now the FREE Cell Spy application:

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Spying on Your Partner: Good or Bad?

pying on Your Partner
pying on Your Partner

A long time ago, I had a stalker.

He still pops up now and then.

I like to think I can help others in the same situation.

It’s very tempting to want to spy on your partner, especially if you suspect them of cheating.

There are so many ways to monitor their behavior in this digital age, and adding an undetectable app to their phone takes a matter of a minute or two.

Who could resist the idea of keeping an eye on their partner’s Facebook activities, Whatsapp chats, browsing history, emails, texts, calls and location?

Yet, however tempted you are to do so, is it really acceptable to spy on your partner?

Do You Have a Moral Right to Spy?

It’s 99.9 percent likely that you do not have a right to spy on your partner. Every human being has a right to privacy. It is fundamental to our well-being and security.

In some states and countries, it is illegal to spy on another person unless you have a legal warrant.

Perhaps you feel you need to do this to reassure yourself that all is well? Maybe you have convinced yourself that you are keeping her safe?

After all, you only need to confirm that he isn’t spending time with another woman. Once you’ve checked, you won’t need to do it again. Or will you?

The Spying Habit

Spying can become a habit. An addiction. An obsession even, if it gets out of hand.

You’ll be glued to your phone watching their every move.

Waiting for them to make a ‘mistake’. You’ll be reading meaning into their words which they probably never meant.

You’re getting a thrill from your snooping.

Far from being reassured, you want to feel vindicated.

You want to find something, anything to justify your own behavior.

When spying, snooping and monitoring becomes a compulsion – in other words, you cannot stop even if you want to – you must seek professional help.

Surely it’s OK to Check my Boyfriend’s Facebook?

If you have a mutual agreement, and he is allowed to check yours, then, yes, it’s fine.

Otherwise, no. It’s still spying.

Ask Yourself These Questions Before You Spy

  1. Would you be fine with it if he were spying on you?
  2. Are you prepared to lose your relationship when she finds out?
  3. Do you think you are misreading the situation?
  4. What are your reasons for this lack of trust?

Think about how you would feel if you discovered your partner was doing to you what you are doing to them.

Really try to understand how violated and hurt you’d be if your partner was watching you in the same way.

Listening in to your calls. Knowing where you are every single second of the day and night. Would you be happy with that?

Let’s say she becomes suspicious that you are watching her.

She gets her phone checked.

Or maybe you slip up and mention something that he has never discussed with you. In most cases the relationship will end, right there. You lost everything.

Are you sure you are not overreacting?

I had a boyfriend once, who had spotted a gorgeous convertible in town with the license plate letters, BEV, immediately thought I must be having an affair with the owner and began following me.

He was that insecure. Perhaps her texts to her ex are not as incriminating as you want to believe? Maybe his flirty chat on FaceBook is innocent?

Where did this gnawing doubt and lack of trust come from? Has your boyfriend or girlfriend been unfaithful to you in the past?

Were you cheated on by your ex spouse?

Is it your suspicious, possessive, and jealous nature to need to know what they are doing when you’re not with them?

How to Stop Someone Spying on Your Facebook Account

1. Get Log In Notifications
Log in to Facebook.
Go to the Settings Menu.
Select Security/Log in Alerts
Select ‘Get Notifications’ and you will receive a message anytime someone logs in to your Facebook from another device.

2. Log In Approvals
As above go to Security and click on Log in Approvals.
Click on the button that says “Require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers”.
You will receive a text message asking you to confirm a code each time your Facebook is accessed from an unauthorized device or unrecognized browser.

3. Make Sure you Log Out on Every Device
Go to Settings > Security > Where you’re logged in.
Facebook lists every device, what it is, where it is and when the last log in occurred.

Many of these will be old devices.
When you log out of Facebook on your current device log out properly’ rather than just closing the web page.

On your phone, click the X.

How To Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing?spying
How To Track A Cell Phone Without Them Knowing?spying

I Need to Know Where My Husband Is Going

In a healthy marriage your partner will be open about where they are and where they have been.

If you think your spouse is lying, then it is time to address the issues.

If your partner has requested that their movements be tracked because they feel vulnerable when out and about, that’s fair enough.

Especially if your spouse is infirm or mentally unwell.

It is also a good idea for parents of teenagers to be able to track their phone.

Should you feel the need to track your partner’s phone and monitor their location without them being aware, then you must know that you are invading their privacy.

I Spy on Her to Take Care of Her

There was a story in the British press a couple of years ago. A woman discovered that her geeky husband had installed tracking and monitoring apps on her phone and those of their teenagers. He did it without asking them or giving them an explanation.

At first the woman was mad with her husband but after thinking it through, she decided she was okay with it.

She felt safer.

If you are justifying your spying in this way, then you should be able to open and up-front about it.

Tell your partner. Or better yet, ask them first.

When Spying on Your Spouse Is Okay

In some cases, spying is fine because it has been sanctioned by the other partner.

If a couple is trying to rebuild trust in their relationship then the ‘guilty’ partner will offer up their personal account passwords: Facebook, email, etc. in order to put their spouse’s mind at rest.

At the beginning the betrayed spouse is able to check on his or her partner’s activities whenever they want to.

As they become reassured that the misdemeanor was a one-off, they become more secure and checking will naturally begin to decrease.

Where Is the Love in Your Relationship?

You must know these facts:

If you are suspicious, you can’t be feeling love.

If you are insecure, you aren’t feeling love.

If you are jealous, you aren’t in a loving state.

If you are addicted to snooping, you are not expressing love.

Love cannot exist in you when you are feeling negative emotion. It isn’t possible. Love and fear (because that is what all this boils down to – fear) cannot exist side-by-side.

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