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Social Media Spy: Track WhatsApp – Instagram

Never has the need to monitor social media been so obvious. The numbers on social media misuse are alarming – and growing by the day. Many advocate monitoring social media networks to ensure maximum security, and they’re not wrong! Here’s why:

The Parent Trap

In terms of parents, parental controls on social media are becoming increasingly important everyday, which is where the social media spy comes in. Teens can run amuck online, but not everything is fun and games. The digital world puts teens at an increased risk for cyber bullying, Facebook depression, sexting, exposure to inappropriate content etc. Parents need to keep a vigilant check on their teens before it’s too late.

Social Media Spy: Track WhatsApp - Facebook - Instagram

Employers beware

It’s no news that employers have a tough time dealing with social media chaos at work. Not only does it kill productivity at work, social media also contributes to wastage of time and office resources. Employers also need to realize that social media sites present a real threat when it comes to an over share/leak of office information. In some of the worst cases, firms have had to go to great lengths to recover from slander and information leaks originating from their own employees.

There’s not a single person who chooses to monitor someone’s social media activity for no reason. There are extremely valid and disturbing problems that force both parents and employers to keep a better check on their teens, and employees respectively. As the saying goes: one’s always better safe than sorry.

How to Spy & Track WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and WeChat Images & Messages

The current generation is a ‘Technology geeked’ generation. Being obsessed with latest and upcoming technology, we have become technology dependent entirely. The primary aim behind innovations, inventions, and discoveries was to lessen the human effort by helping us to solve complex problems. But an adverse effect on our younger generation would not hide even if we were blindfolded. Enormous varieties of applications are launched every day, consisting features capable of mesmerizing teenagers and kids. New applications acquaintance is common among teenagers and children, but getting addicted to them should be avoided. Instead of judging kids activity, parents can find what they were up to and stop before anything goes wrong.

The strategy to track application like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat, Tinder or Telegram is understandable. ‘SPY24’ the best parental control application gives parents privilege to grow a complete control of the child’s phone. Parents have to download and install the application on the child’s phone to enable tracking.

How to Install SPY24 Parental Control Software in Smartphone

How to Install SPY24 Parental Control Software in Smartphone

Requirements – Android OS 2.1 and Above / Unlimited Data Plan Recommended

SPY24 Installation Process

  • Allow “Unknown sources” installation.
  • Disable Google Play Protect.
  • Download and Install “SPY24 Client”
  • Configure “SPY24 Client”.
  • Create / Register Account
  • Email Verification.

Check out complete SPY24 Installation Guide Video

After installing the SPY24 parental control software on kid’s smartphone parents can easily access all the details from SPY24 dashboard.

Parents can easily spy or track social media profiles, Instant Messaging apps, Geo locations, SMS, Media gallery, Contact book, Browsing history, Mails, MMS and many more details. Here, we are going to provide the detailed information of how you can track or spy Whatsapp, Instagram, WeChat, Tinder, Facebook and other social media channels images & messages easily.

#1 Spy or Track Whatsapp Messages & Images

WhatsApp is the primary choice for many people across the world because of its encryption. But inferior messenger was an ideal match for spying software. SPY24 application fetches complete detail of a conversation initiated on WhatsApp. The user dashboard allows you to see date and time of every message sent or received. It displays contact number and name of opposite party if saved in the phonebook. The spying application allows checking message’s content and other attached files like audio, video, mp3, etc. It is also equipped with keyword message searching. User dashboard also saves deleted messages and chats.

#2 Spy on Facebook Messages

The most viral and addictive social media website is vulnerable to spying. The user dashboard allows you to see date and time of every message sent or received. This Facebook tracking app displays details of sender and receiver. The complete information of a chat or a conversation along with shared multimedia attached files can easily be viewed through user dashboard. Searching a specific message with the use of a specific keyword is another feature of the SPY24 software. If a host deliberately deletes a message or chat from the phone, the deleted information will always be available on the dashboard.

#3 Spy on SnapChat

The photo-sharing platform hiked social media addiction among youngsters, but it could not save itself from getting spied on. The SPY24 software allows parents to check date and time of a specific message or an image sent from a host’s account. The statistics of each chat are laid out on the user dashboard. The spying software gives you the privilege of viewing and downloading all types of attachments sent on the SnapChat platform. It also supports searching a message using a specific keyword feature. Deleted messages and chat gets automatically saved on the SPY24 user’s dashboard.

#4 Spy on WeChat

The origin message sent or received on the platform. The tracking software facilitates with accurate details of date and time of a particular message. It also allows sneaking a peak on message’s content shared on the platform. Any user can view and download file attachments shared via WeChat. What’s more, you can search a message or a term using a specific keyword search feature. And the biggest fear has been taken care of, any message that is Deleted will automatically be saved on the SPY24 user’s dashboard.

#5 Spy on Tinder Messages

The online dating application which is not encrypted is a piece of cake for SPY24 to monitor any user’s action. The date and time of any message either received or sent is displayed on user dashboard. The information of each chat is easily accessible through user dashboard. Parents can inspect all the file attachments sent on the dating application and download them. It also supports searching a message, name or a phrase through the complete history using a specific keyword feature. Deleted messages from Tinder and chat will get saved automatically on the SPY24 user’s dashboard so you can see it anytime, anywhere.

free social media spy app

#6 Spy on Instagram Images & Messages

The new photo sharing and story setting social media application have generated a lot of buzzes over the years. It mesmerizing graphical user interface has become an addiction among the youth. But it can also be spied via SPY24 software. The spying software tracks the accurate date and time of a message. The content of any message is easily accessible. Parents can view and download all the images of Instagram, and videos sent via the social media platform. The best part of the app is, it allows you to searching a specific name or word used in a message using the search box. The most handy thing about the app is that the messages and chats that are deleted gets automatically saved on the SPY24 user’s dashboard so you can view it from there itself.

Good news is that you are not limited only on these apps, you can check, track and control other social media applications like Skype, Kik, Viber, QQ and a lot more as well.


It has become important for parents to monitor all the social media activities of their kids. Seeing the pros and cons of Parental Control/Monitoring Software, you have to make a call on whether to use it or not. Social media is a virtual reality laid on the internet which has no correspondence with tangible reality. Children draw inspiration from other people on social media and get influenced to fake their lives. The fake popularity game would toxicate children minds to post inappropriate photos and views landing them in danger. They may also compare themselves and lower their self-esteem. Parents should take care that their kid is not influenced by the addictive trend on the internet.

The best Facebook spy tracking apps help you protect your kids and employees from any kind of cyber-crime or bullies as we all know that, the internet is an amazing tool to learn and open new horizons in life. There is almost anything and everything on the internet and every other person is now tech-savvy. Even educational institutes enlighten students on how to use the internet for their good.

But we all know, too much of anything is never good especially for kids. Most of the kids nowadays have a smartphone and have easy access to various social media platforms and adult websites which can easily pollute their innocent minds. Therefore, every parent needs to keep a check on their kid`s phone and online activities.

Also, it is important for employers too, to keep an eye on their employee`s internet usages and work properly especially during working hours. The spy tracking software can also help employers to reduce the risks of fraudulent activities done by many criminal-minded employees. This also helps employers to keep track of employees’ daily work patterns, mistakes, social media usages during working hours.

What is a Spy Phone Tracker?

What is a Spy Phone Tracker?

The spy phone trackers are the smartphone surveillance applications and software which are installed in the smartphones to track down all the recent activities of the person over phone like phone call records, messages (SMS), browsing activities, GPS locations and most importantly, messages and other activities on social media applications such as;

  • SKYPE,
  • VIBER,
  • LINE,
  • etc.

These applications or software generally come with free trials and later if you find the installed spy phone tracker fulfilling your required needs then, you can purchase the installed application or software on your phone.

Uses of a Spy Phone Tracker:

  • Install the application or software in your child’s or children’s phone and can monitor their activities to keep them out of each of the dangers of cyber-crimes.
  • Also install it on your employee`s office phone or laptop or computer; to monitor his daily activities so that you can figure whether he is doing his job properly or not.
  • Even use it for yourself like, tracking down your phone if it is lost or stolen and taking data backups from the phone.
  • Secretly Spy on Someone’s Cell Phone app

How to Use a Spy Phone Tracker:

Installation: Install the spy phone tracker application or software and the application which needs to be monitored.
Sign-In: The phone tracking application or software will upload all the activities in your online account which remains highly secured.

So, every time you log in to your secured online account created in the phone tracking server, you can easily view and access all the activities that have taken place in the monitored application in detail.

How to Monitor Spy Phone Tracker Remotely:

  • The spy phone tracker uses your internet data to send the details to their servers. Once it is done, then you may log in to the server remotely and monitor every detailed thing that took place in the application.
  • You will need your e-mail i.d. registered with the server and the password which is generally provided by them to log in to their servers for your use.

Best Facebook Spy Tracking Apps

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