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The Best Phone Spy Software

While some argue that technology makes it a whole lot easier to partake in shady activities like infidelity, I feel like technology just makes it a whole lot easier to get caught. There are plenty of apps and programs available to spy er, monitor someone’s activities, and there’s another Android app to add to the mix.

How To Spy On A Android Phone

Secret SMS Replicator, after being installed on a mobile phone, will forward all text messages sent from a phone to another number without the owner’s knowledge.

There is no visible app or shortcut for the user to detect the app, so it’s virtually impossible for someone to know they’re being watched (or, in this case, read).

It’s not available for the iPhone because it didn’t pass the App Store approval process.


I think this app, and apps like this, are a really bad idea.

No, I don’t advocate cheating or other sketchy behavior, but I do advocate trust and personal responsibility.

If you’re resorting to a secretly-installed app to monitor someone’s texting activity, I think there’s a larger problem.

For me, the line is even gray when it comes to parents and their kids;

I feel like some monitoring is OK, but this sort of secretive behavior is not going to lead to any good result.

The Best Phone Spy Software
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How To Track My Husband’s Phone Secretly?

Noticed something off about your closest person? Like there is something he is hiding – this burden is too heavy for you. This isn’t the ordinary behavior and your will to find what he is keeping quiet about is completely understandable.


Consider tracking and spying as the last tool and use it if there is no other way to avoid secrets and mistrust.

Try to talk first. If he leaves you with no choice, well, you can find proofs for your guesses.

Be aware! This can potentially ruin a relationship.

The Easiest Way To Track My Husband’s Phone

There are a lot of means to find where a cell phone is if you know the number.

Those spy services help look after children, but they are not good for a secret tracking of an adult person.

First, to install such a service, you should have access to his phone. Second, in most cases, the phone will be possibly sent messages with a text like: “The location of your phone can be tracked by the user ‘your phone number’”. That way he will get to know.

How To Track My Husband’s Phone Without Him Knowing?

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This is much harder but still possible.

This is not some kind of over the top spy type of business. And you don’t have to get programming and technical knowledge. The only requirement is to find out how to install an app from the internet. For tracking, use different websites that provide you with special spyware.

On the other hand, also use online tracking services.

These services are more preferable because they are anonymous, safe, free, easy to use.

Find where your husband is without letting him know about it within a few seconds! It’s the simplest husband tracker but still, there are more advanced solutions on the market.

Phone Spyware

Tracking your husband’s cell phone isn’t enough? There are a few options. Most of these apps are in use to look after children or watch what employees are doing on their work phones.

Those apps and websites have a more complicated level of spyware than just tracking the phone location.


What Can I Do Except For Tracking The Phone?

Almost everything. With a proper spy service, you can read husband’s texting, check what he is looking at on the screen, see calls and browser search histories. This software can easily deliver all needed data from your husbands’ phone to yours without him knowing about it.

And the high-quality (therefore, expensive) spyware works in a way he’ll never notice it. Also, be aware of some issues.

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Can A Spying Application Be Reliable?

If you download an application from AppStore or Google Play – it’s mostly safe, but installing the apps from the Internet is risky and dangerous.

It does mean that if you get SMS from your husbands’ phone, someone can get them too. This is not a problem if you send him a shopping list.

But if he’s just received a credit card CVV protection code, this can cause a serious issue.

You have to be aware of scammers and frauds. Such applications are perfect for getting personal and billing data from trusting people. If you’re wondering how to read your husband’s text messages without getting scammed, use only trusted services. To find a reliable app, you have to check if it needs jailbreak for IOS or rooting for Android. If it does – it is a scam.

If not – there are still some concerns. 

Do not trust free services. They are probably getting their payment illegally.

And finally, simply google every single service you find.

Check the reviews and experiences. Only after this triple check, you can be more or less sure.

To conclude:

  • Always google reviews about each service;
  • It does not need root and jailbreak;
  • Real service will charge you for using it. 
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How Spyware Works?

There is an interesting fact that all the spy services work the same way with minor exceptions. They provide you with his messages, phone calls history, location, etc.

Moreover, if you need to see what your husband has been looking at online, there is a way too.

For example, Spyzie allows seeing directly what is happening on the screen, not only brief history and text reports.

And he won’t ever know about it.

Spy applications are almost invisible to a user. If he is good at everything connected with smartphones, it makes things more difficult. And there is no way you can spy on a programmer or advanced user. An average user won’t notice any difference. Spyware uses almost no battery and its icon can be hidden.

How To Spy On My Husband’s Cell Phone Without Touching It?

The worst scenario. Probably, he is always keeping a smartphone in his pocket. This is pretty common if a person wants to hide something or expects a sudden phone call.

However, even in such a case, it is possible to get messages and other useful info.

But only if he uses an iPhone.

Apple iPhone applies cloud storage, named iCloud, to save backup data including call history, messages, web history, etc.

This storage helps a lot if you buy a new iPhone and want to transfer data.

It also protects all the important information in case of losing your phone. And this service gives you a chance to get all the needed data from the cheater, too.

To read your husband’s messages, you need to use one of the trusted spy services and have access to his iCloud account.

An iCloud is also a storage for regular files, videos, music, pictures, documents, etc.

There is nothing suspicious to ask for access to it. By the way, you can track the internet history of an Android smartphone from a computer.

But only if he uses the same google account both on his phone and computer.

Can I Check My Husband’s Texting If He Uses Android?

This can be tricky as there is a need to install an app on his smartphone. And you should be able to unlock his phone.

This can be hard but it is important.

After an app is installed, delete an icon and activate the application.

Don’t worry. Companies that sell spyware applications provide customers with detailed how-tos. There is no need for special knowledge.

Besides, they provide customers with easy to use monitoring interfaces.

With only one click, you can read messages, see the current location of the phone, check what is on the screen, see calls history, etc.


For tracking and spying, first, get a login and password to his iCloud or an Android smartphone.

Spying on your husband’s phone without touching it is possible if your beloved one owns an iPhone – then iCloud password is enough.

Second, consider risks. The internet is full of scammers and frauds. With personal texting, they can get a password to a bank account and billing data.

Be sure to triple check each website before downloading an app.

Third, be aware that spyware is the last resort.

Try to have a conversation and discuss all the problems. There can be a better way.

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FAQ. Common Questions:

  • How can I track my husband’s iPhone?

Use services like uMobix or SPY24.

They provide you with a tracking option as well as giving you access to messages, calls, search history, etc.

The simplest way is an online service for tracking – their only requirement is a telephone number.

  • How to track where my husband is without him knowing for free?
  • Phone Spy Software

The only way you can do it with no charge is by using a free trial or an iCloud access to his iPhone. Using untrusted free spy applications is very dangerous. ATTENTION: Google all the free spy apps you’re going to install.

  • How can I find out my husband’s location by using my phone without having to download the app or touching his phone?

For this purpose use GeopositioningServices or any similar program.

These services do not need any extra actions and access.

  • How can I track my husband through GPS without him knowing?

GPS tracking is more difficult than a basic triangulation with cell stations. To do this, use xspy or SPY24.

  • Is it possible to track my husband’s text log?

Sure thing. Spy app installed on his phone will transfer the data with no suspicious signs for him.

  • Can I see my husband call logs from my phone with no password or access to his phone?

Impossible. If you have no access to iCloud or direct access to his Android smartphone, there is no way you can see your husband’s phone call logs.

But if you get your hands on his phone at least for 3-5 minutes, you are free to download any app to get EVERYTHING he’s hiding soon.

  • How to spy on the husband’s iPhone without jailbreaking free?

There is no actual service that needs an iPhone jailbreak. They work with iCloud and get all the information from that cloud storage.

But you can spy for free at a trial period for a month or less.

Try SPY24

There are also free services but make sure to carefully check them before use.

  • How to find my husband’s deleted messages?

Access to his phone is required to restore deleted messages. You can use the SMS backup & restore App for Android. With an iPhone, it is a bit harder to perform.

First, you delete all the data and then launch system backup from iCloud.

It will restore all the files including messages.

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