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What is hacking and how can you increase network security?

Hacking is a term used when aliens infiltrate computer systems. In fact, when someone takes control of a computer system without permission or accesses the information of that computer, we say that computer system has been hacked. Computer system means any system that has a processor and has the ability to program. Such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, web hosting service servers and…

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A hacker is also said to be a person or group who infiltrates and controls computer systems and can disrupt them. In this article, we try to examine hackers and see how to prevent hacking and infiltration into the system.

What is hacking and how can you increase network security?

The type of hackers in terms of intent to infiltrate

Types of hackers
These hackers are divided into different categories according to their ability and knowledge, as well as their purpose of hacking:

Types of hackers in terms of ability and knowledge
Types of hackers in terms of intent to infiltrate:
White Hat Hackers: Ibn hackers mostly hack into computer systems with the aim of arming and increasing security. These hackers often start by calling hacking and infiltration contests or inviting and hiring companies, and their main job is to test intrusion and close possible ways to hack systems.

Gray Hat Hackers: These hackers hack to gain access to information. In fact, the purpose of these hackers is only to gain access to information and they want to do their job without a trace and very quietly. In such a way that the system owner does not notice their presence.

Black Hat Hackers: These hackers are malicious hackers who not only want to gain access to information, but also try to damage and disable the system as much as possible.

The type of hackers in terms of intent to infiltrate

Types of hackers in terms of ability and knowledge:
Elite Hackers: These hackers have a very high ability to infiltrate and in addition to being familiar with a variety of programming languages, they know possible ways to infiltrate the system with any language and technique, and sometimes to perform operations. Infiltration designs disposable applications.

Script Kiddy: These people are not hackers but they like to do hacking and sabotage. In fact, they infiltrate insecure systems using tools and scripts previously designed by elites and distributed on the Internet. However, they are always trying to become a real hacker.
Neophyte, Noob, Newbie: These are people who know almost nothing about hacking and are completely new. They have nothing to worry about.

Types of hackers in terms of ability and knowledge: hacking

How to prevent hacking?

There are two basic strategies to prevent hacking and infiltration that must be considered and used:

Use of anti-spyware (AniSpy) programs: These programs are marketed by security companies. By installing these programs on the system, advanced programming and anti-spyware patterns will be implemented on your computer or phone, and these software in the hidden part of your computer, watch out for malicious programs and do not allow their entry and penetration.

Proper and safe use of the device: If the user works with his computer first of all, taking into account security points, at least 50% of intrusion and hacking will be prevented. For example, use secure passwords, use a virtual keyboard, and use a two-step login system.

What is legal hacking? Why is this type of hack important?

Legal hacking to infiltrate and access companies’ computer information to test infiltration is done at the request and notification of companies of white hat hackers. By doing so, companies realize their security problems and prevent intrusion before gray-hat and black-hat hackers gain access to their information. Legal hacking has another aspect that is related to the control and care of the children of the family. This means that with the influence and access of parents to their children’s phones, they become aware of their children’s communication and activities. This hacking is not only illegal but also highly recommended for cyber surveillance. Today, technology and communication tools are easily in the hands of young people and adolescents, and this has made the hands of profiteers more open to abuse young people and adolescents at critical ages and easily deceive your children with empty promises. And defraud them or harass them and cause them serious harm.

How to prevent hacking ?

How can we take care of our children with the help of legal hacking?
There are almost no tools for legal influence and child care system. But one of these tools is the SPY24 system, which helps parents, in addition to accessing their children’s phone information, to monitor their communication in cyberspace. With the help of this tool, parents can easily have full access to their children’s files, videos, photos, pictures and songs. They can also check their connection on social networks such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram, thus preventing further unpleasant events. You can also easily apply the desired changes, such as changing the phone settings, with the various tools that this system provides you.

How can we take care of our children with the help of legal hacking?
Introducing the features of SPY24 hacking family care system
SPY24.IR legal hacking system provides the most facilities for taking care of and accessing your child’s phone. In this section, we want to name some of the most important features of this system:
Access to all social networks
Access the phone audience
Access saved files and media
Track the phone’s geographical location on a map and place history
Control phone settings such as changing Wi-Fi status, turning it on and off
Ability to block calls and filter websites
Phone screen capture and screenshot
Retrieve calls and SMS and access call history
Report the general condition of the phone

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